warming up exercises for urban sketching | Barbara Grünenfelder | Skillshare

warming up exercises for urban sketching

Barbara Grünenfelder, time is art

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10 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. intro

    • 2. about modes of seeing

    • 3. following shadows

    • 4. feeling lines

    • 5. blind contour drawing

    • 6. continos line

    • 7. waterbrush

    • 8. going further

    • 9. bonus 1: architecture in a continuos line

    • 10. bonus 2: oneliner hahnenfuss

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About This Class

When observational drawings dont look right, it is often because we dont watch in an appropriate seeing mode. In the everyday mode, most people are not able to see, what is really there in front of them, and this shows in their drawings. This class is about seeing modes and how to tune into a suitable mode for drawing on location. I show four  effective and easy warming up exercises for observational drawing. The last exercise is also a technique for "real" urban sketches or travel sketches - a quick approach to draw everything you see.

This class is for both, beginners and intermediate sketchers - and also advanced ones with too much routine, that want to see again with a "beginners mind".