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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. 1.0 - the best pack of sites yet?

    • 2. 1.1 - five epic sites of the moment

    • 3. 1.2 - oh crypto, my crypto

    • 4. 1.3 - finding privacy online, five tools

    • 5. 1.4 - sell on your own wordpress site

    • 6. 1.5 - take part in the project

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 8. 1.7 - please review and share!

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About This Class



in this course. .. (i think this is the BEST pack yet!)

  • websites or projects that are on my radar which i find epic!
  • crypto this, crypto that - overwhelmed with new sites i find
  • keeping yourself private in a noisy social on demand world
  • making courses on your own website in 2017 - five cool ideas/plugins

twenty new urls and links to projects or websites that i think you should be taking a look at or be aware of going into 2017. ..

i hope your enjoying the daily courses as part of my skillshare advent calendar for 2016.

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Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - the best pack of sites yet?: All right. Welcome back to another pack off tools. This is packed six. And I feel like this is the best one that I've done yet. Just some great sites out there, something that I've been trying to achieve with these packs. These awesome kind of Web packs is to try and find you 20. Awesome. You RL's to either projects or websites off things that would just really like setting my synapses off and get me excited about the Internet and technology in general. And I think this is the best. I think this is the best one I've done. So I'm bringing you another pack of 20 awesome websites to check out today five websites or projects that are on my radar right now that are just epic. And I have to tell you about them crypto this crypto that there's so much crypto Bitcoin Blockchain stuff that I'm interested in. I'm starting to see a massive uptake, a curve, especially on Bitcoin. You can see exploding. I can definitely see that hit in $800 in the next month. And it's gonna be in interesting time in January and February of next year in terms of crypto currency, with Trump going into office and various other things happening in the world. I'm starting to see a shift to that kind of Blockchain mentality for the people who are in the know and understand this stuff. I'm getting quite overwhelmed with the sights and knowledge I'm finding on adapting and absorbing. It is quite quite difficult. So I want to share it out there so that other people can take part in feedback to me things that they learned also keeping yourself private in a noisy social on demand world. I've got five fantastic services here in terms of privacy. If you're a developer or coder, you know, a little bit of tinkering with service. I've got some great websites here for you to be protected. Have privacy to be able to share comes between family members, loved ones, colleagues around the world, finally making courses on your own website in 2017 5 Call ideas on the plug ins that you could be using. Like I said, Best pack get. I hope you're gonna love it. Let's get into it 2. 1.1 - five epic sites of the moment: all right so far, but the I o is awesome humanity. I love that. The title. They've called this humanity's first open source CNC farming machine. Just go and check out the video on this. Would this not be the best project that you can sit down with your kids and really get across them? How awesome technology is? If I was a teenager and I saw this automated system to be held to farm food, I would be straight in there and want to play with it. I'd want to learn everything about it. The idea of having some technology that I control, that I can check on that and go after every day. I can see through my devices wirelessly from wherever I am in the world that is doing this job. I'm sure there's various things for this that could go wrong. It could get broken, but it's just the fact that it exists is just awesome farm. But I o go and have a look at it straightaway pause. This video, if you like and then I'm looking at, is incredible. Next thing that I've seen this week, that is incredible. No lines, no check out Amazon. Go brand advocate dot Link force. Let's go. This is incredible. You walk into a plate, you scan your code a QR code or some other similar code at the entrance of this retail store, you walk in, grab what you want off the shelf. You don't have to scan it and do anything like that. It grab what you want, you turn around, you walk back out of school and everything is taken. Care off some serious algorithms, Deep learning, Webcams, sensors, all kinds of stuff going on here. I think there's only one's thought going to actually be open in Washington, I believe, as a kind of test that demo store. But I can rapidly see the Amazon is gonna disrupt retail in the High Street from this very method, the high street in the UK especially, is dead dying. The portfolios of people who have property and high streets would rather close it. Let it rot before somebody else comes along toe open it rather than let some students have it from a local college, which is kind of sad. If you had places that were running on Amazon's hardware, their back end that you can walk in on by food snacks. If all you have to do as a small business was pair the food and stack the shelves and people walk in and just grab what they wanted and walk back out again. This could revolutionize the whole high street in terms of access, in terms of going from Balta bar in terms of entertainment in terms of travel. The idea I've been out to scan something it it understands what you want. Text. The payment gives you the invoice. Send you the invoice, the check for you. What, you bought this revolutionary in my lifetime. I never thought I would see anything like this than even considerate that it would actually happen. It's gonna be an interesting future for my daughter in terms of retail on the High Street, something that I really want for 2017. Feel free to buy it for makes. I don't have one yet would love to have one Amazon echo amazon dot There is a store online now, with everything all the new features that the product can do. Alexia skill store dot com I want in amazon dot for 2017 because I want to be able to just stand, sit here and talk to the cloud and ask her in the morning when awake or blurry over one eye . Open what the weather is. Meat lima dot com Your cloud If you've ever been worried about, I don't want to put my stuff in the cloud on somebody else's server. What about if I put my files on another server in the US? What could happen to him? Or they're regulated by law if you're one of those people who are really concerned about the cloud, but you need the cloud to be able to transport your files around, you would like to keep that hard drive full of your own files, your own movies, their own personal video files from at home. You can now do that with meat. Lehman dot com Meet Liam has been around for a long while now, but they've upgraded their products, so it's now got a quad core processor, 1.5 gigahertz processor, so it's a lot faster. I think something like 40 times faster than it Waas. You cannot blowed stuff to it. Big file to in about 30 seconds compared to the version one of it, which was about eight minutes. It was very under powered. It's called a Lima Ultra. It's now released with faster hardware. If you're looking to have your own personal cloud going, check that out. Finally, less cameras used to be dropped camp and they got bought out by nest. Fantastic camera, Brilliant quality. They have this great system that you just had one connector on it. You plug in the power connected to WiFi network, and it was set up and running within 5 10 minutes, the best on boarding piece of hardware that I've ever used that you just plug in and goes great. Andi got bought out by nest, got some great cameras, still got some great camera, still got some great how hardware, especially outdoor ones. And I think they're superior to all of the cameras out there in terms of Web quality and storing that content in the cloud. But it does come with a monthly subscription. Costs for that cloud access another one that's come along on scene is blink for home dot com. It's known s camera. They do say it's 7 20 People have looked at the sample footage on YouTube, but it's not as good as nest, but the price of it is incredible is a lot cheaper than buying a nest camera on's. Also, they say, from a set of a batteries, I think it was three AA batteries, maybe to a AA batteries, that it has a two year battery life on the cameras, and you could literally put these things anyway. You can just put it on the side and er, but it on the shelf on disposal. He works for the next two years. No subscriptions on updating stuff into the cloud, which, you know it's really unprecedented for a product to come along like this and do that. I do hope that the quality improves. But if you're in the market for some security cameras for your home, your business, these are a good quality, not the best quality image, but good bye 3. 1.2 - oh crypto, my crypto: All right, then. So let's do some Blockchain crypto stuff. Satoshi box dot com is an easy way to sell digital assets again paid in Bitcoin I'm slowly moving towards spending a lot more time looking at crypto and Blockchain, and I've been using a service called Steam it dot com for blogging, which I get paid to actually block on their compared to Facebook and Twitter. When was the last time you ever get paid anything from Facebook and Twitter to write stuff that you were interested in? This is super easy, just uploaded digital assets you put in the wallets, your Bitcoin wallet where you want to be paid, and then it just provides you with the link that you can share through social media. Soon as you get that payment in Bitcoin, it feels, with all their handling off, sending that file, given the link for them to download super good, I'm going to see a lot mawr off media block change. I think happening in 2017 most going to start selling on Alexandra I O. Which is another media Blockchain. As soon as I got my coins all sorted out, another one is nice hash dot com is a crypto currency cloud mining service, where you can rent hashing actual hashing off certain algorithm. So if you're looking to my dash or maybe like coins or some other crypto currency, and you can do that with nice hash, you pay in a certain amount of money using Bitcoin, and you can buy a set amount of hashing on a particular algorithm. Or you could even sell into Nice Hash Through and Mining Hall and earn money that way for your into crypto mining at all. I'm slowly dabbling with understanding out or works and how to translate one coin into another coin. Tacular cut. Nice hashtag com. Another thing that I've been interested in and I'm gonna be doing a lot more on Blockchain Technologies and how it's gonna disrupt different areas. This one is a good eight. You gur dot net. It's a forecasting tall powered by Blockchain technology, So if you're into forecasting, go and check this out because this will be a game changer. This one's for the kids, and I've been thinking about how I can learn about crypto coins and Blockchain not just myself, but also with me and my daughter, cause it's definitely gonna be part of my daughter's world. Billy's Bitcoin dot com is something to learn with the kids, and it's good for adults to those books that you can get as a Kindle or iBooks. And I'm definitely gonna be getting these for Christmas and going through these with my daughter somewhere around in January, probably around my birthday time to really teacher about Bitcoin and teach myself about Bitcoin at the same time. I think it'll be a really nice, easy way to get into conversation. Finally, Stella dot or this one, to me is kind of where my ethos in terms of digital technology sharing authenticity, value all of those conversations about greed I'm dying to have. This is kind of where my heart lives. I love the idea what Stella's trying to achieve. Its a nonprofit that connects people to low cost financial services to fight poverty and developed individual potential. Great statement. I don't if they can actually deliver on it, but I'm starting to see a lot of blood chains now, which are starting to understand the needs off human beings on the transparency off that conversation, which is exciting to me 4. 1.3 - finding privacy online, five tools: privacy. I've got five. Awesome. You are else for you here. If you are a bit of a tinkerer, you know about hardware Software can install software on a remote server. Definitely definitely over Christmas. When you got a bit of spare time, Take a look at Streisand. This was named after the Streisand effect and if you know where Barbra Streisand. She had an issue about her Malibu home where she tried to stop pictures of her Malibu home . Being on the Internet on what happened was everybody started sharing him, and the kind of kind of had a cascade effect which they finally enough called the Streisand effect about when you say you want to get rid of something, for instance, privacy or you on lock down communication has the opposite effect of kind of spiraling out of control and being everywhere. And Streisand is trying to achieve that by a downloadable image that you can install on a remote server and create a variety of different services that will be very difficult for your average person to make even an admin to put together in a very quick fashion. And they've packaged all that stuff together for you to create private comes basically, I would suggest you gonna look at it very, very powerful. Going clone yourself a copy from get hub dot com Next one is zero net The Iot very, very nice website open free on sensible websites Using Bitcoin cryptography and bit bit torrent network, I was wondering when Bitcoin on bit torrent we're gonna get together. It seems an absolute perfect match in heaven with bit torrent being pits appear on cryptography, Bitcoin, cryptography and micro payments being bolted in there as well. Having websites that can't be on censored is going to be valuable or having conversations in 2017 beyond ring dot c x free software for Universal Communications, which respects freedoms and privacy of its users. All of these platforms are individual platforms in their own right to the all approach. The idea In a different way, you just play around with which one suits you best on hosted the all four slash aps freedom from Web Tuesday Monopoly platforms. We're starting to see a trend now where people are trying to get people to move away from the Facebooks, the twitters of the world, in their advertising models and get back to a sick cure on advertised to platform where you can talk in privacy with encryption methods bolted on. Finally get I two p dot nets four slash PNG for English provides strong privacy protections for communications of the intent. Like said, Pick any of these five, and I guarantee you'll find a great service. We're having private encrypted conversations over the Web. 5. 1.4 - sell on your own wordpress site: So let's quickly talk about WordPress, then courses in 2017. I'm very keen to have courses on my own website as well, a skill sharing new to me, and I've been looking around to try and find a good way of doing that. I could use Gum Road and a few other services that I've mentioned in other courses, but I found a decent plug in from flight plug ins dot com called WP course, where two great plugging for WordPress for doing your own courses actually signed up for some courses on another persons website the other day. They use this plug in. I did a bit of ah, sneaky search the other day on a WORDPRESS website to see if I could find out what plugging it was running because it looked really nice and I really wanted to use it. So definitely give that a look. I don't think it was too expensive. I think it was $39. Definitely want Teoh. If you look into put them on your own site and have full control, get the complete amount of money from the price that you set ideal for that. Another one that I saw independent to do GOP course. Where was WP complete dot co Very clean written plug in for completion Tracking of your courses. Find out from people how far they've got through the course. This seems to plug into a lot of stuff. Looks very well coded. I don't necessary Think you would need it with the BP courseware because that already has it built in. But it's a really easy way to drop in the short code on a page and watch the completion cycle. Are people through your course are a good way to touch base with those people and say, Hey, you've done 50% you struggling and having problems or just reaching out on getting in touch with, and maybe you can help them walk through the course a bit more. Maybe they're struggling to bolt onto the idea of your courses on your website. Maybe you something like T. O. K. That I owe for adding in a global chat. I think this will fit really nicely into your course areas, said, bolting this chat underneath every course that when they paid for it and they're going through those course sessions that there's always this chap. They're obviously you would need to be logged into the chat to be out of those conversations with people as they're going through it. I just think it's a nice additional touch for them to be able to just jump into the chat and say, Hey, I just watch this bit. I'm a bit confused. Obviously, that's a lot of work to be maintaining a chap. Maybe you could outsource that. Maybe use something like work to get somebody from the Philippines for four or $5 an hour to sit in the chat access to a frequently asked questions. Database off people's questions regarding your courses. And this is the site that I found. Course where from it was crypt diversity dot com four slash courses great example of hosting on your own website. I did sign up to this course. It did pay for to the courses because they were explaining steam. I think this is gonna be a good site in 2017. Looks like he's been set up quite recently on the Web site, but it's got a YouTube channel. Worry does daily poster about things happening in the cryptography sphere finally responsive pricing table. Do a search in your WordPress. Please just add it would plugging for responsive pricing tables. A great plugging for packages. If you ever see those websites with bronze, silver and gold, this is one of those plug ins to do exactly that. 6. 1.5 - take part in the project: All right, then, the five step project. Go to your project in the bar below. Part Awesome Project Title in the project Workspace by Be creative include pictures and the steps that you talk. Pick a sweet cover image Nomad Doc Pictures. Click on the save button and you're done. 7. 1.6 - the roundup: all right, then, the roundup. So what a pack. I think there's so much stuff in there that that's gonna keep you busy over the Christmas period and in 2017. I think that's my best. A pack of sites. You're absolutely tons of value in that pack. Hope you're enjoying the advent. Siri's 31 Episode 31 Days of December. I'm up to date 10. I'm just recording these on a Friday night, trying to get ahead by 23 days. It is a lot of work, but I am enjoying it. I'm not frustrated by Yeah, and I'm starting to see good traffic on the skill share side as well. So thank you for everybody taking Paul. If you haven't watched the previous episodes going over, look at some of the other episodes as well. There's great stuff in the hole. One days of December. I'll be doing a lot more four courses next year, and by four courses, I mean longer than 20 minutes longer screen cast, hand holding, maybe oneto one. In terms of video chats, I've just set up a appearing appeared in four slash this show, which is a video chat room where people could just join the U. R L up to 12 people so might be doing some hand holding and frequently asked questions that people are all the courses if they will be, do some more live streaming podcasting and some traveling next year as well. So the reason why did the 100 courses are trying to get 200 courses? I've got some evergreen content push out in 2017. Please share and review the course. Please review the courses market in many reviews yet maybe only to push that a little bit more to take part in the project. If you have a website that I haven't seen yet or if you're going to use any of these girls and you think how this is amazing, do let me know how you get on with that website. If there's a feature in there that you think is missing, maybe I can find you an alternative site. If you've not gone premium Miyako, Premium online training Doc, click forward slash me, and I will see you in the next course 8. 1.7 - please review and share!: while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.