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1 Lessons (8m)
    • 1. Full installation of Backtrack, H1v3


About This Class

“Includes the training on Backtrack Operating System”

Course Instructor : Hitesh Choudhary

This course is ideal for penetration testers, security enthusiasts and network administrators. The course leading to the certification exam is entirely practical and hands-on in nature. The final certification exam is fully practical as well and tests the student’s ability to think out of the box and is based on the application of knowledge in practical real life scenarios.

On an average, NASSCOM predicts requirement of 10lakhs professionals by the year 2010. Currently the number of security professionals in India is around 22,000 and the applicants for the same are less than 1000.

The goal of this course is to help you master an ethical hacking methodology as a professional, starting from the scratch that can be used in a penetration testing or ethical hacking situation. You walk out the door with hacking skills that are highly in demand, as well as the internationally recognized Certified Information Security Professional certification!

“The bottom line with this program is that we hope the work starts when the class is over. Practical knowledge is always tested n same is provided here ”


1. Full installation of Backtrack, H1v3: Hi, My name is a daesh and you're watching. Contesting vid backtrack. We're trying to configure word set up environment so that we can practice Once the environment is set. It's really just an easy way to go. So we have learned that two methods. How to install things on virtual machine and on the USB USB port on. Now that things are very simple and thinks are coming to the final stage as well. In this installation, we're going to have a look on the way how we can go toe onto the full stuff. Foodstuff simply means if you want to go on with the things that simply say's, you only want to have the backtrack on your laptop without any operating system, just backtrack. What if you want to have persistent data to be kept on your virtual machine, then this installation is going to be required for that. At this point of time, I don't I suggest you to have the full installation on your main machine because chances are high, you may arc. You may going to corrupt some things, and also we're going to need some of the windows platform and lean X platform to test our things on to have 23 laptops or toothy deck stops. It's really painful when we can have all the things to be set up a set up on our single machine. So that's how that thinks goes for this. There is actually no requirement. All the things that we have, like our virtual machine on our backtrack, all we are having with us. The only thing that you're going to require is to remember just the two things. The 1st 1 is route, and the 2nd 1 is to. So with this, let's try to proceed. I have got my wittle machine in the same state that we have seen in our last video. If you don't know how to reach out till this estate go and watch that video, let me go to this full screen on. It's not actually a full screen, but still on. This is our terminal. One thing I forgot to tell you in the last video is if you want to shut down any kind of Kleenex machine and you are, it says that route. Then you can simply give a command. I n I ds faith zero. So we'll take care all these details in the Lenox section that is going to be the next level off edge. But for the time being, let's struck to our installation. Here you will see the install backtrack, and I'll double click on that. That is going to give me a simple visit that I'll guide you with that. Also, in some cases, you may find that this installed back cracker, and so you been to our install fed arise, not out there in that case, what you can do. Just try to remember that menu that I have told you that say's text more than all these mood. Try to search out, and you'll shortly find install menu at that, it say's where which language you want to install. I'm comfortable with English and I'll click on the forward. If you are comfortable with any other language, you can choose that. Also, it has got a wide range of support on it is setting up the India Server that is network time server. You can easily skip that, or you can allow it to check the time zones according to a country it say's India. I'm in India and its directing the right one. I'm not worried about this. I'll click on the forward on leaving all the things as it is, depending on your ram, since I have given a 500 to Lambie may take some time, but if we give it ah, High Ram, it may work very much. Fine eyes. I'm comfortable with USA based keyboards. I'll click on forward. It's taking a bet. Okay, now here comes the things. The first option. Regardless, you are installing the things on the main machine or virtual machines. Concepts are going to be the same. If you choose this option, it isn't use entire disk. That means you are prompting to lose all the data or fear if you're installing the things on the real machine on. If you are on the league on this virtual environment, choose any options. It hardly matters. Your main machine will remain safe as it is, and you don't need to worry about it on. In this case, you can choose It is and click on forward, forward and what I'm going to do. One more thing. I'm going to click on specified partition manually so that I can teach the other students who are interested in installing this Lennox on their main machine. I'll click on forward. Here it is Dave SDA, the name of the hardest. I'll create a new partition table. I'll trick on continue. So it says a free space has been allotted. I just want to have this free space, so I'll click on add so I'll click on the primary later. On stage will discuss what are these primary Logical and all these steps on these txt four general system as well. For the time being, I'll click. I'll give the Mount Point as Slash. So this is the only thing and I'll click on OK, so have created a partition table with txt full format. And now I can install my leaning on that platform. If you are interested in installing the stuff on your main machine, then free and hard disk hardest partition that is known as the hard drive on. Then you can install and do the same stuff on that on. Don't write it and try to remember this site space, so I'll click on forward. I'll click on continue now. Here comes the important stuff. There are some points that might be very dangerous, Like at some point of time. You remember that I don't want a Kleenex. I am only interested in the windows on this. I'm talking about the friends who are trying to install on the main machine for virtual machine. That's no problem. You can simply delete it. But for the friends who are trying to install that on the real machine may find it very difficult If they will remove the if they will click the install here and they will, they want to try. They will drive and toe remove the Lennox. Their windows will also get corrupted. So if you want to have the boot loader off windows, go to the advance and you can set your boot loader on wherever you want. So this might be a little easy part. You can install it on any Davis theorist even. But since I'm not worried about much things in Simon Virtual Machine, that's okay for me. I'll click on the install and now this installation wizard with work on, uh, stay with this installation. With that, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes so you can go on with that. I don't want to waste much of the time off the video cities in this installation waiting for that and just want to see that. So go ahead with that. Nothing is too wary after this. Try to just reboot it and you know the water, the default i D and password that are the root. And to So this is what all the stuff about the installation tried to install. Different operating system until and unless you will mess out with different always like fedora, even to our different flavors. Things will not clear up with you. So try to have that or what is the best thing installed? Different flavors off. Backtrack in your virtual machine. Thank you so much for watching and keep enjoying the pen testing stuff.