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    • 1. Python programing Introduction


About This Class

Python is a modern OOPS language and is most popular now a days. This course is designed by Hitesh Choudhary keeping the industry standards (like Eclipse, database, etc) in mind. Entire course is divided in small chunks and section. video time length is also very short and we just talk to the point. Videos are highly interactive and for sure you will enjoy learning Python.





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Hitesh Choudhary

Within Knowledge Lies Power

For more officail details visit www.HiteshChoudhary.com

Trained as an Electronics Engineer and mastered as computer network and Information Security, Mr. Hitesh Choudhary is a renowned Author, video author, International speaker and security consultant. Also he is a got trained in wireless security from a prof. of MIT, California. He created various tools and attacks like wireless Eurynomus featured in pentest magazine and in Backtrack project. His webinar on wireless, Backtrack, and ...

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