Xamarin Forms 2.0 - Beginner to Advanced ✅ Premium class

Grant Klimaytys, Super iOS and Android App Developer and Professor

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28 Videos (2h 45m)
    • Introduction

    • Xamarin Setup on a Mac

    • Xamarin Setup on a PC (Visual Studio)

    • Linking Xamarin on a Mac to Xamarin on a PC (optional)

    • The difference between Xamarin Studio on Mac / PC and Visual Studio

    • When to use Xamarin Forms and when not to use it

    • Understanding the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) Paradigm

    • Creating a Xamarin Forms Project "Hello World"

    • Setting up Xamarin iOS and Android simulators and running "Hello World"

    • Changing our home screen layout and elements

    • Introduction to Just Do It X 1

    • Carving out our app niche

    • Creating the XAML graphical elements of our app

    • Writing the core app code - Using user user preferences to store data

    • How to add Google Admob Ads to a Xamarin Forms App

    • Introduction to Just Do It X 10

    • Just Do It X 10 App design and first page XAML

    • What is an SQLite database and why use it?

    • Installing a Nuget component to handle database operations

    • Database access code - How to get a cross platform SQLite Database connection

    • Database access code - How to insert, delete and fetch items

    • How to Create a data model

    • How to insert database items into a list view

    • How to bind variables two ways in Xamarin Forms

    • How to open a new Page, View Controller or Activity in Xamarin Forms

    • Creating the XAML layout of the Edit Task Screen

    • Saving the Edited task to the database

    • A quick recap of everything you have learnt


About This Class

Create fantastic apps on iOS and Android at the same time using Xamarin Forms 2.0!

Your apps will be created in a single project with shared code. That code is in C#, the easiest and most popular code around!

That means:

  • No Java to learn (Android).
  • No Swift to learn (iOS).

You will go from beginner to completely proficient in Xamarin Forms 2.0 (Released End of 2015).  

NO OTHER COURSE takes you so easily through the process and in so much detail so click ENROLL now!


This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Learn the Xamarin Forms 2.0 development process - from complete beginner to proficient app developer
  • Get paid $100 - $150 per hour to make apps for paying clients
  • Create your own wildly popular apps
  • See the whole development process as it really is.
  • Have a real app you can publish under your own account

What software do you need?

  • Xamarin studio (Free starter edition or Free business trial available). 
  • A PC or Mac

Do you need experience?

  • No. I assume you are a complete beginner to Xamarin development 

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Good course, would not recommend this to any beginners with C# or even xamarin. Covers some good topics about local and db storage.
nice intro to Xamarin.Forms





Grant Klimaytys

Super iOS and Android App Developer and Professor

My very first software program was the artificial intelligence brain of an underwater robot in the early 2000's, still the coolest project I have ever worked on!

Since then I have designed and built websites, software and apps using all manner of languages and frameworks. Javascript, Bootstrap, .Net, Python, PHP - you name it, I've probably used it.

These days I focus on building quality cross platform apps using Xamarin studio in C#, Xcode and Swift 2 and Android Studio.

If you're considering becoming a freelance developer then I can honestly say it is the best life in the world. You will have no boss, earn an hourly rate of $60 - $150 and take holiday whenever you want!

Of course you have to learn how to make good apps first, which brings me to my second passion - teaching on Skillshare. Take my courses now and you will see how easy mobile app development can be!