Wireframing for UX Design : Sketch Your Big Idea Premium class

Carlye Cunniff, UX Designer. Avid Adventurer. Enthusiastic Eater.

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7 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction : Wireframing for UX Design

    • What is Wireframing?

    • Why Do We Wireframe?

    • How Do We Wireframe?

    • How Do We Wireframe (2)

    • How Do We Wireframe? (3)

    • How Do We Wireframe? (4)


About This Class


Wireframing is one of the most important concepts and stages in user experience design. UX designers use wireframes as a way to express a flow through a process or communicate individual screens in a product.

Wireframes can range in fidelity from sketches on bar napkins to beautiful, interactive photoshop mocks. This class will provide a basic overview of why we wireframe, where wireframing fits into the UX process, how to use it (from stakeholder presentations to usability testing). Finally, we'll spend a lot of tie creating our own lo-fi wireframes to share with the class.

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Very digestible and a great place to start, basic and user friendly!
Well done!
I enjoyed the workshop but I think it would have been a bit more engaging if there were more examples of what a wireframe can look like, especially across the different platforms to be considered (mobile, tablet etc). This would also have helped us better understand the various icons/methods of representing different elements of a site's structure. Also, one area that wasn't touched on was creating templates as many pages within a website would work off the same one. So understanding how this works within a wireframe structure would have been very useful. Thank you tho...there was some very interesting tips that have helped me.





Carlye Cunniff

UX Designer. Avid Adventurer. Enthusiastic Eater.

Carlye is my name, UX Design is my game. I help teams understanding the goals and motivations behind human behavior, and design products that meet those needs. Helping teams embrace human-centered design is my jam. I'm a UX Design Consultant - I work with teams to push their creative limits. I use design thinking to to design the right products, at the right time, for the right people. 

I'm good at facilitating the generation of big ideas. I love nothing more than helping other people come up with their own big ideas. That's why I teach UX Design workshops at General Assembly, and why I've started teaching on Skillshare. I have a Sociology degree from the University of British Columbia, several years as a freelance copywriter and content strategist, and hands - on UX skills from General Assembly. Communication has always been my strong suit, and pushing big ideas out the door is my favorite thing.

My design philosophy: dance in someone else's shoes before making them better shoes. Also, go play outside - your designs will thank you.