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8 Videos (22m)
    • Getting Your cPanel Login Info

    • Awesome Themes To Use

    • Getting Your Awesome Domain Name

    • Changing Your Password

    • Selecting A Hosting Provider

    • Plugins That Help With SEO

    • Installing Wordpress !

    • Page Speed Insight Tool


About This Class

Jump in on this course and learn the basics of Wordpress. From its installation to what makes it so amazing of a platform, we'll cover most of what a beginner needs to know.

A Course for blogging and website owners!

The WordPress has some very nice features that can make your website work even better. In looking around the dashboard you may wonder where they are or how they work.

One Click Upgrade Plugins

If you have several plugins, you know how often you see the little tab that says upgrades are available. You know the process of upgrading each one. You may even check the bulk actions tab wishing there was a way to upgrade all your plugins in one click. No more, there it is! Check the plugins that need upgrading, look under bulk actions and click upgrade and upgrade up to 15 plugins with one click.

Upgrade Themes

Yes, you can now upgrade themes. WordPress 3.0 will tell you that you have themes that need upgrading. It will create a "child theme" which should save most of your changes to your theme while upgrading the majority of the theme. This is a great feature, because WordPress 3.0 is going to require some major theme upgrades.


Have you ever wished you could just quickly add a new tab to your menu? You can now. Visit Appearance and Menus. Not all themes accept the menus option, but this impressive feature will soon be something theme developers will add. If your theme accepts it great, if not you can visit Widgets, Appearance, and drag the Custom Menu to your sidebar.

Creating a Menu

This is impressive. Many of my clients want to link different blogs and websites. With "Custom Links" you type in the web address, called URL, and then add a label for the menu. You can check mark various pages to be added to your menu or scroll down and check the categories you want added. Then over on the right on the new menu you can create a custom name. Click the down arrow beside the menu item and you can change the "Title Attribute" or "Navigation Label" and from here you can also remove the item.

Short Links

If you use Twitter or FriendFeed you know using a short link is almost always a requirement. Now underneath your post title you can choose to edit the title, view your post or get shortlink. The link starts with and then a short code like other services. Currently you can not change the code, but you may be able to soon.

The Twenty Ten Theme

The Default theme has been Kubrick and Classic. These themes are not included in new installs but they are replaced with the new theme Twenty Ten. This theme uses all the new features of 3.0 including the menu. You can change the background color or image. Use one of their eight headers or upload your own.

Make Your Website Unique

With the Twenty Ten theme, you can have lightweight, easy to use theme that you can personalize to create your own unique website feel. By using the menu function you can create a menu that works for you without having to hire a programmer to add special links or remove certain pages. Your website can be as unique as you.





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