Python Programming - 3 Premium class

Ch Djrao

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9 Videos (1h 18m)
    • 021 Introduction to Strings

    • 022 Basic String Operations

    • 023 Continuation of Basic String Operations

    • 024 String formatting & Long version

    • 025 Width and Precision

    • 026 Find and Join Method

    • 027 Case Characters

    • 028 Strip‚ Slit and Translate

    • 029 Continuation of Strip‚ Slit and Translate


About This Class


Python Programming is a highly used dynamic programming language, it supports code readability and its syntax's allow programmers to express concepts in fewer line of code. Python Programming also supports multiple programming paradigms which are object oriented and functional programming.
Through this course on Python 3.4 you will be learning about the basic concept of Python 3.4, how to set up the environment, the need for Python 3.4, you will be also learning about python calculator, strings, lists and indices, loops, flow control systems and also about defining functions.

In this class I am Going to Explain about How to Install the Python into your Windows, MAC, Linux Operating Systems and a brief Introduction to the Python Programming. I will release Part 2 of this class as soon as possible. The Second Part will contain about How to Use Lists & Tuples in python.