3 Videos (1h 10m)
  • Pull Your Own Data: An Introduction to SQL Part I

    • Lecture Video #1

  • Pull Your Own Data: An Introduction to SQL Part II

    • Lecture Video #2

  • Project: Data Queries

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This class is no longer available.

About This Class

SQL is the computer language used to access data in most databases. And, according to this blog post, "it’s been one of the greatest skills I could have ever acquired as a marketing / business guy at a startup. "This class is intended for those with absolutely no SQL experience whatsoever, but want to learn. Here are some common symptoms that can be cured by learning SQL:you are alw... Read More

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Dan Kozikowski, Director of Community @ FirstMark Capital

I’m the Director of Community at FirstMark Capital. I’ve taught nearly 400 students on Skillshare and am a Master Teacher, a distinction which only a small group of teachers have. My class topics range from SQL intro classes to workshops on learning... Read More