Product Management: The Lean Way

Melissa Perri, Founder of ProdUX Labs

4 Videos (58m)
  • Lean Product Management & MVPs

    • Intro to Lean Product Management

    • The Lean Process

  • Pivot or Persevere

    • Should I Pivot?

  • Incorporating Lean into Your Team

    • The Lean Team


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

This is a continuous enrollment class  for anyone trying to incorporate lean principles into existing product management teams or for those looking to get into product management and learning new skills. You can enroll anytime and start your project. I will give you feedback after you post it. All the lectures are pre-recording and you can jump in when you are ready. You'll learn ho... Read More

Melissa Perri, Founder of ProdUX Labs

Melissa Perri is an entrepreneur currently cofounding the company FlowsBy. Previously she led Product Designer at Conductor, working on their leading SEO platform Searchlight using lean Product Management and UX techniques. Prior to Conductor, she wa... Read More