Mastering WordPress: Build The Ultimate Professional Website Premium class

Malik Motan, Web Developer and Designer

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36 Videos (3h 49m)
    • Trailer

    • About Me, WordPress and The Course

    • What We Are Going to Build

    • Domain Name and Web Hosting

    • Signing Up for Domain Name & Web Hosting

    • Installing WordPress

    • Logging in to WordPress and Editing Profile

    • Setting up Email Forwarding

    • Theme and plug in installation

    • Making The Logo

    • Theme Settings and General Layout

    • Creating Home Page and Editing Header

    • Building Services Section(1)

    • Building Services Section (2)

    • Building Services Section (3)

    • Call to Action Section

    • Building Skills Section

    • Building Customers Section

    • Buidling Team Section(1)

    • Building Team Section(2)

    • Buidling Testimonials Section

    • Adding Social Media Icons

    • Creating Gallery Page

    • Building the Gallery Page(1)

    • Building the Gallery Page(2)

    • Creating Blog Page and First Post

    • Creating The Second Post

    • Editing The Sidebar(1)

    • Editing The Sidebar(2)

    • Creating Contact Page

    • Adding The Image and Texts

    • Adding The Map

    • Adding The Contact Form

    • Optimizing Security and Performance

    • Optimizing The Website's SEO

    • Last Words


About This Class

Step-by-step guide to build the most amazing and professional website with WordPress. Build a $3000+ website in a day or less!

The most up-to-date and comprehensive web design course on how to create your own state-of-the-art and professional website with WordPress is now here (Published Nov.,2015).

This course is designed to teach anyone how to build custom, responsive, professional and uniquely designed websites with the simplest yet most professional and common software, WordPress. In this course, I will walk you through the process of creating the most amazing and professional looking and functioning website you will ever come across from beginning to end. This course is action-oriented; meaning you will be building your website along side with me and step by step. You will learn how to build your website within just a day or less! A website that you will always be proud of, and one that you will have created all by yourself.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:

  1. Get your own domain name and web hosting account.
  2. Learn how to install and configure WordPress on your domain name.
  3. Learn what themes and plugins are and how to use them.
  4. Get an amazing $49 theme for FREE and install it on your domain name.
  5. Build your website from A-Z all by yourself.
  6. Make your own logo, for FREE.
  7. Learn how to Optimize your website's performance and security.
  8. Publish your Website with better search engine optimization (SEO).

Starting from the most general aspects, and all the way to the smallest details, all were painstakingly gathered, tested and offered to you on a golden platter in this course . I'll even teach you how to optimize your website in terms of security, performance and search engine optimization. Eventually, you will get a website that not only looks amazing and professional, but also has great performance, tight security, and that is optimized to rank better on search engines like Google.

This course is definitely for you if:

  • You're interested in starting a new profitable career in web design and making up to $5000 for each website you create,
  • You have a business and you're looking to increase your productivity and make more money by having a $5000-website,
  • You have an idea that you want to spread to the world online,
  • You need a personal website for yourself,
  • You heard about WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and want to master it,
  • Or you don't even know what WordPress is.

Go ahead and get started! Click the "Enroll" button and join the winners the on the other side.

99 of 100 students recommendSee All

Very easy to follow class that leaves you with all you need to create a high quality website
Great content and structure from the beginning to the end. If you really want to learn, then this class is just right for you.
Good overview of basic Wordpress features, along with specific features of Themify templates.





Malik Motan

Web Developer and Designer

Malik is a passionate software engineer who has been in the field for 4 years now. He is currently working as a software & web developer and designer as well as working in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) research and development. Throughout his career, he has built so many state-of-the-art websites and applications on various platforms. He enjoys exploring new design techniques, diving into algorithm analysis, studying human-computer interaction(UI/UX), and exploring new sophisticated tweaks to come up with the best possible designs for the websites and applications he develops and designs.

Malik is also a professional and certified translator/interpreter who currently speaks 3 different languages and is into the fourth one. Once he understands a new design, algorithm, or even a language, he absorbs it, gets familiar with it, then he has the ability to analyze that new technique, restate and explain it in the simplest and most efficient way possible; this is why he decided to pour his highly-professional, uniquely-analyzed and simply explained knowledge into Skillshare's bowl of knowledge to spread the magic.