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3 Videos (12m)
    • 1. Introduction To Make Your Own Stunning 3d Intro Free In Minutes Without Any Software

    • 2. How To Make 3D Intro Very Easily Online

    • 3. Final Show Of The 3D Intro


About This Class

Hi my dear Followers and moreover my Friends. Here Iam This is Balu Babu and iam back with an intresting Class which may help you in YOur video marketing or making life. Yes friends iam rgiht Today we are learning How to "Make Your Own Stunning 3D Intro Free in Minutes Without Software". Yes you heard right you can make you own 3D intros for free in minutes and before wasting anytime let me show an example video......

Seen My dear friends this type of 3D Intros for your video you can make very easily that i will teach you step by step in simple two steps. You dont have to buy or install or use any software to do 3D Intros just yopu will use a web utility in one well know site. ok friedns thats it for now and we will meet in our next lecture How to Select and crete your own 3D intro bye bye for now
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Good class, before this is always hire VA to done my intro. After watching this, I can easily create my own!
Manoj A.






Balu Babu

getting learn to earn.

Hi my dear friends, I hope all are good and iam Very happy to be Part of the wonderful community like this where we can learn and teach and earn.

I am interested in technology, design and business model and also product marketing. I am going to share my knowledge through my teaching and help as much as I can

Thank you friends have a great day

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