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4 Videos (13m)
    • 1. Introduction To Make Print Out From Anywhere Using Your Android Phone!!

    • 2. Setup Your Account To Get Print From Your Mobile

    • 3. Setup Your Android For Printing

    • 4. Make Print Our From Your Android Finally


About This Class

Hi My dear friends, How are you all and i Hope everybody is happy and thank you for watching my class and following me.

Today our Topic and class is about Hopw to Make Print Out From Anywhere using Yor Android Phone. Yes friends you can take print out from your mobile and you dont need to go to the computer shop or your home where prnter is connected to your system.

You just need your android mobile phone and give a print command and thats it you will get print out easily... Ok friends we will not waste more time and staright away enroll my class and start to learn how to make Print Out From Anywhere Using Your Android Phone!!

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Balu Babu

getting learn to earn.

Hi my dear friends, I hope all are good and iam Very happy to be Part of the wonderful community like this where we can learn and teach and earn.

I am interested in technology, design and business model and also product marketing. I am going to share my knowledge through my teaching and help as much as I can

Thank you friends have a great day

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