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8 Videos (11m)
    • Part 1 Introduction

    • Part 2 Preamble

    • Part 3 Content

    • Part 4 Profiles

    • Part 5 WordPress Tags

    • Part 7 Class Project

    • Part 6 Finding Like Minded People

    • Part 8 The Follow Up


About This Class

My first go at creating a skillshare class. Seemed like a popular subject but due to inexperience, this class is not the best work I can do, so I have made the class free permanently. Enjoy!


Have you ever built a blog and not been able to gain any traction building a following? In this 15 minute class I will teach you my method for a building a following of 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month through conversation. 

This is not a 'get followers fast' class, as it requires up to any an hour a day of your time. The result however will be a following of WordPress subscribers who are genuinely interested and engaged with you, your blog and what you have to say.

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Informative and concise. I appreciated his conscious effort not to be spammy with fellow bloggers. I agree that making real connections is the way to go. I'm glad I took this course.





Peter Edwards

An idiot with 2 dogs and a motorcycle