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6 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction To "How To Record Good-Quality Outdoor Video And Audio On A Budget!"

    • Using A Smartphone To Record HD Video

    • Using A Tripod To Get A Stable Picture

    • The Adaptor Needed To Secure The Phone To The Tripod

    • Using Umbrella Reflectors To Light The Subject Better

    • Using A Separate Device To Record Audio From Lapel Microphones


About This Class

[Note: this is not a class about video editing. I don't explain how to edit video, I only describe the hardware we used to record outdoor video on a budget. I have a class on video editing, here... ]

"This is a great course for beginners. All information is very well structured and presented." Gulnara Emirali

Have you ever wanted to shoot a video outdoors, perhaps for a business project or introduction to a Skillshare class, but were concerned that the equipment may cost a lot, or take a long time to set up, or be technically difficult?

Well, the good news is that you don't need to hire a film crew, or spend a day "in the field" to get good quality audio and video!

In this short class, we'll show you the exact equipment we used, and how we put it all together, to film the introductory sequence you see in the video above.

What we created was done on a shoestring budget, was light enough to carry up some steep hills, and was quick to set-up and take down again. 

Find out what we did by enrolling in the class now. :-)

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I've read/watched plenty of 'How To's and this one has to be the best ever. Neil gets right down on the floor (literally) to show and explain what he is talking about. I can, wholeheartedly, recommend this class if you are wanting to learn how to 'mike up'.
Kimberly Purcell

Just Want To Make and Learn Stuff

This is a great course for beginners. All information is very well structured and presented.





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