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About This Class


Welcome to the fourth chapter of HTML From Zero To Hero Series.

In the previous chapter I explained, how to use styling and why it’s the best way to keep your code clean.

In this chapter, I will take you back in time and we will take a look at tables as a formatting tool or rather a workaround vehicle, that was heavily used before HTML 4 was introduced in 1997.

I will show you something that you shouldn’t use today, but I still think, you should take this class, because only after you will see how it was done before div and span were introduced, you will be able to really appreciate how much they helped cultivating the web to the state where it is today.

Enroll to this class and continue where we left last time or pick this one independently if you believe that the content of this very class is exactly what you need to learn without any previous content.

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Hon Z.

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