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About This Class


Welcome to the third chapter of HTML From Zero To Hero Series.

In the previous chapter, I explained how to use tables, images and links.

In this chapter, I will introduce the concept of styling your page. Even though I don’t want to overwhelm you too soon with too much stuff, as some students suggest. I think, introducing style sheets in this early stage of your HTML journey is important, because it will allow you to think about some things differently.

Styling isn’t only the recommended way of designing your page, it’s also time-saving approach. You can live without styling if you have one page, if your website consists of many more individual pages, without proper usage of styling, it will soon become a nightmare to change for example the colour of your links on all pages.

Enroll to this class and continue where we left last time or pick this one independently if you believe that the content of this very class is exactly what you need to learn without any previous content.

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