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About This Class


HTML is the language of the web.

If you ever wanted to understand what it is, but you’re not a technical type, I have a good news for you.

I prepared something special for all of you non-technical folks, so you can understand the essentials of HTML without spending the rest of your life in front of the computer! 

Why do you need to learn HTML?

Because you probably have a website or soon you will get one.

One day you will need to change something, be it a logo, new address or just new a colour for the background of your products list.

You can hire somebody to do it for you, but you will have to wait and probably pay him something as well. Or….. You can do it yourself, immediately and for free.

HTML is not about programming! People sometimes think that they won’t understand HTML because they don’t know how to code. This is a very wrong assumption.

HTML is just another language, but unlike French or Spanish, this one is VERY EASY to learn. It’s so easy that I can guarantee, that you will be able to understand and write this language in just 10 minutes after you take this series.

Once you know what’s written on your page, you can easily change it, without any help, without any delays. Right when you need it and free of charge. 

Enroll to this series and give yourself a nice gift. When you come back later, you will be able to speak HTML!

Credits for image go to 

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Thank you, this is my first meeting with html and i am very happy to be able to do first simle steps alone :-)





Hon Z.

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