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    • Creating a Lottery Number Generator


About This Class

This class is for those who have a little experience in Python Programming Language.

In this class we will see how we can use a module called "Tkinter" in Python to build GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications. By using this module we will create a very famous application called "Lottery Number Generator".

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This is a great class, make sure you take his introduction courses to python first or you will be lost. Thanks Sam you did great.
Nicky Savage

Learning everything possible





Samarth Paboowal

JavaScript Junkie

CODING is my Passion first, hobby second and job third!

I am Full Stack Developer from last two years and I love building scalable web applications and modern websites with new technologies.I started with my web development with PHP and then I moved on to FULL Stack JavaScript which basically includes MEAN STACK.

MEAN => MongoDB as a database, ExpressJs as server framework, AngularJs as front-end framework and NodeJs for backend work.

My aim is to teach each and everyone how to CODE!!

I thus bring to Skillshare my experience in Full Stack Development and to teach you how to become a better developer to solve real world challenges.