Convert PowerPoint Slideshows to Internet Videos Premium class

Alan Simpson, Best-selling author and instructor to millions

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5 Videos (24m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Ready your Microphone

    • Narrate and Time Each Slide

    • Make Your Movie File

    • That's a Wrap


About This Class


I this course you'll learn how to convert a PowerPoint slideshow to a narrated video that you can publish on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, or wherever you like. If the PowerPoint slide show is educational, you can also publish it as an online course on Skillshare or a similar class-hosting website.

Students should already have PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2016 in Windows or on a Mac. Students should also already have a PowerPoint slide they wish to convert to a fully-animated online video or course, or know enough about PowerPoint to create a basic slideshow on their own. 







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Alan Simpson

Best-selling author and instructor to millions

Alan Simpson has been working with computers since the 1980's as a programmer, book author, and teacher. He has written over 100 computer books published in dozens of languages throughout the world. He has been an online instructor for over a decade and through his books and courses has helped millions of people worldwide learn practical computer skills for work as well as pleasure.