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8 Videos (13m)
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    • Tagging System

    • Skillshare Marketing Tools

    • Marketing Classes Outside Skillshare

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About This Class


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Hello and welcome to this class, where I will explain how I was able to get 600 students in a single week to my class.

I will tell you, how a class title and a cover image can make a big difference and what you should do to get the most out of them.

I will also show you, how you can effectively use the tools built right into Skillshare to your advantage.

Finally, I will show you a great and free online service chock full of focused traffic, which helped me address almost 1.3 thousand people in a single month.

Enroll in this class and boost your class with these tips!

49 of 51 students recommendSee All

A good course of skillshare marketing.
Mohammad Tahir Ahmed

Online Teacher

Thank you for this well organized and helpful class. It was short but impactful. I learned about Quora which I never heard about before. Can't wait to do the assignment! Thanks again.
Valerie Lowe

Freelance Teacher-Seamstress-Artist

This class is great for teachers looking to enroll more students. Jan provides some external resources as well as tips within Skillshare. Well done!
Diane Ziomek

Writer/Fiber Artist NotJustAlpaca on Etsy





Jan Zavrel

Online Educator on The Slight Edge


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7 Rules For Success Of Online Instructors

I started my IT career as a Pascal programming language student in 1994. Later I discovered the potential of the web and co-founded WEBXP company with my colleague, where we offered websites and web applications for local businesses.

In 2000 I started working for a German-based company Caatoosee, where I was the part of a team creating the top of the line web shop for than famous Breuninger Mode & Beauty online kaufen. I focused primarily on DHTML, Javascript, CSS for static websites and PHP with MySQL for dynamic apps.

At that time I also started my very own LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) project and designed, developed and published one of the first so-called discussion servers, that were very popular in my country years before the Facebook became the worldwide success.

In 2008 when iPhone SDK was introduced, I moved to mobile apps world and soon published my first verb dictionary for iPhone which you can still find on the App Store.

In 2015 I founded BOHEMIAPPS which evolved from simple iOS apps platform to online education program.

I love to learn new things of all sorts and I love to share more knowledge with others even more. I believe the student is only as successful in understanding the topic as the teacher is in explaining it properly. In other words - there's no bad student, only the bad instructor.

My mission is to share what I know and present it in the best possible way I can provide, so my students can benefit from it. I respect their time and I always try to do my best to bring them a quality education.

In 2016 I decided to push my mission even further with SMART PROFIT SCHOOL. I believe that everyone can teach. SMART PROFIT SCHOOL will help you start your own online teaching career. I will teach you how to teach!