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7 Videos (30m)
    • Perfect Udemy Strategy Intro

    • What Courses Sell on Udemy?

    • Factors that Make a Course Better

    • Finding a Niche

    • Other Sources of Ideas

    • Your Secret Weapon

    • Class Project


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

This course is part of a series of courses that will give you the best chance for success on Udemy. Creating a popular course is NOT random and not just luck. If you follow a specific series of steps, you will know how popular your course will be before launch, and everything becomes easier. Having a strategy before course creation makes course creation easier, makes promotion easier, and increases your chances for excellent reviews. 

This course will talk about the foundation of course creation, which is coming up with the winning ideas. When I created my most recent Udemy course (which launched a month ago and has made me thousands of dollars already), I absolutely knew it would be successful before hitting the publish button. My goal is for you to have that same confidence. And that starts with the right idea.

So enroll in this course, and use the Perfect Udemy Strategy.

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Some very interesting quick tips about how to go about creating your own Udemy course. ;-)
Paul Ramnora

Student programmer

Exactly what I needed to know: thanks for sharing!
Elena Maria Manzini

Passionate Italian Foodblogger

I recommend this course. If you are planning to start creating Udemy courses and creating an online education business you are in the right place. I call Scott "The King of SEO" because he really knows a lot about Udemy SEO and best Udemy practices. Start following him and taking his courses and you will be in the path of Udemy success.
Diego Davila

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Scott Duffy

Teaching 32,000+ Students Online

I love making complex technical topics easy to understand.

This has been the basis of my entire career – as a developer, as a development manager, as a software architect – over the past 20 years. I spend half my time in the world of business, explaining complex technical topics to business owners and stakeholders so that they can understand and agree with my approach to solving their business problems with technical solutions. And the other half with developers, explaining the business reasons behind decisions and ensuring that any decisions made on the technical side don’t restrict the business in unexpected ways.

And I’m here on Skillshare to teach what I know in an approachable way. I started with TOGAF 9.1. That document is long and not written in a way that is easy to understand, but also have an interest in online marketing topics such as Google Analytics, domain names, sales funnels and conversion optimization.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you have a suggestion for a topic for one of my courses, or need help with something. I may not always be able to help you directly, but I would still love to talk to you.

Would love it if you would check out my free videos on Youtube to connect with me.