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3 Videos (12m)
    • 1. Introduction To Make Small Size Videos To Upload In Skillshare With High Quality

    • 2. Setup For Making Small Size Videos For Skillshare

    • 3. The Final Out Put And Quality Of Video


About This Class

Hi My dear awesome Fellows, Its me Your Balu Babu and iam again back with one interesting class topic to teach you something useful in your skill share life.

That is How to Make Small Size videos to upload in Skill share Classes with High Quality.

Yes friends iam talking about skillshare which is our best platform for making videos and upload them into skillshare to teach our students but what if they are very high size in videos? If the classes are very high size in videos( iam here to mention because they will be high size because we need high quality and clarity in our videos) to make understand you all or students right.

But I will show you and teach you how to make a quality videos or high quality videos with small videos size rate.. if we can do this it is very useful to all students because the lower the data size or file size of video the better fast experience of loading the video in skill share classes..
ok Before wasting any time just enroll and start my class my dear friends..


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Very helpful class if you area a SkillShare teacher. Thanks.
Jon Velasco

Just Improving...

A very useful technique.
Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it





Balu Babu

getting learn to earn.

Hi my dear friends, I hope all are good and iam Very happy to be Part of the wonderful community like this where we can learn and teach and earn.

I am interested in technology, design and business model and also product marketing. I am going to share my knowledge through my teaching and help as much as I can

Thank you friends have a great day

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