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7 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Balancing SEO And Sales Copy

    • Researching Keywords

    • Writing Your Title

    • Writing Your Description

    • Author Attribution

    • Course Summary


About This Class

How To Write A Sales Page - Copywriting Guide For Marketing Sales And SEO

Do you want to learn how to write a sales page for selling a product?

Do you want to learn how to balance SEO needs and Sales Copywriting needs?

Do you want to learn the psychology of how to get someone to take action on your content?


Learn To Write An Online Sales Page;

This course is designed to help you move away from badly written sales copy and poorly optimised online sales pages that lose you customers.

It is designed to help you create compelling copy that will bring the right type of customer to your product and enable them to be clear about why they should purchase it, thus increasing your sales conversions and profits.

It uses online digital courses as its example type of content, but this can be applied to any type of product or service that you are selling online.


Subjects Covered:

Balancing SEO And Sales Copy

Researching Keywords

Writing Your Title

Writing Your Description

Author Attribution


Part 10 Of The Online Instructor Masterclass

This course is a standalone course in its own right.

It is also part of a series of courses that combined create the “Online Instructor Masterclass”.


Ready For The Next Module In The Online Instructor Masterclass?

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Part 2 - Mastering Audio Production In A Home Based Studio

Part 3 - Master Video Lighting And Production - Learn How To Light A Video Shoot

Part 4 - Green Screen Video Production - Master Chroma Key On A Low Budget

Part 5 - The Art Of Teaching Online - Getting And Holding A Student's Attention

Part 6 - On Camera Presence - Getting Comfortable In Front Of A Video Camera

Part 7 - Adobe Premiere Pro And Adobe Audition - Simple Video Editing Workflow For Beginners

Part 8 - Marketing Video Production - How To Write A Promotional Video Script

Part 9 - Branded Thumbnails - Creating Marketing Identity Through Images

Part 10 - How To Write A Sales Page - Copywriting Guide For Marketing Sales And SEO

Part 11 - Develop An Online Instructor Business Building Strategy

Part 12 - SMART Goals - Achieve Your Business Objectives Fast

Part 13 & 14: Branding Your Business Online - Improve Your Online Marketing Presence Fast

Part 15 - Online Digital Marketing Plan - How To Market Your Business Without Expensive Advertising

Part 16 - Marketing On 3rd Party Platforms

Join Us

So join us in the course and learn how to write powerful sales pages for your products and services that will help you convert more customers and improve your profits!

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Excellent class from a marketing pro. Now go and implement his advice!





Mark Timberlake

Teaching Skills

Mark runs a marketing company called SME Heroes, which specializes in training on all things to do with online course creation and online marketing.

He has extensive experience with online business in various forms over the last 14 years and loves to share his hard won lessons and techniques for online business success.

In addition he also has over 12 years experience in online retail and over 5 years experience as a commercial photographer.

This means he has a deep breadth of experience which comes through in his courses which are always designed to be easy to understand and to pass on the practical skills he has learned.