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slow release content marketing twitter tools

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction to slow releasing

    • 2. 1.1 - why slow release schedule?

    • 3. 1.2 - buffer and postcron and tweets oh my!

    • 4. 1.3 - missinglettr twelve month campaigns!

    • 5. 1.4 - evergreen content ideas

    • 6. 1.5 - the five step project

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 8. 1.7 - share, review and go premium?

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About This Class


we will be using buffer/postcron/missinglettr to slow release our tweets in this course.

why would you need to schedule or slow release tweets? well, let's get into it! :)

facebook and twitter has a lot of spam, be careful about adding more to it. we don't want to setup content just to blast out, we want our content to be timely, useful and hopefully evergreen!

if you have a small business, put out regular courses, have a good following on twitter and have the ability to either outsource your social (by having someone make you graphics) then you can setup a real good strategy for releasing updates via twitter without losing your 'social' voice. we are going to discuss what i think are clear and useful release schedules that add value to a potential drive by follower or search user.

we take a look at. ..

  • buffer - great paid service for $10 a month
  • postcron - another great service, you may prefer the ui/features
  • missinglettr - campaigns to post over a year!
  • areas of your startup, business you should be sharing

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - introduction to slow releasing: everybody. So today's course is about slow releasing your content via Twitter, scheduling some of those tweets on the tools to be able to do it. So we're gonna look at tools for Twitter to draft and slow release those tweets for marketing. Couple of APS Buffer and post Cron are really good and reasonably priced, releasing that content slowly. We're also going to looking at Missing letter allows you to slow release tweets over a period of, say, 12 months. You can actually build a big campaign up for over that year. Also gonna be discussing matching evergreen content to key events yearly. So things that happened throughout the year looking up hashtags to see if something is particularly active and searching out different hashtags that have become popular being out to link some of our existing content that we've made to those hashtags and promote some blastoff indirectly from it 2. 1.1 - why slow release schedule?: Okay, then. So drafting your tweets helps with scheduling management for tweets that you send out. So if you just sat there every day and you were just putting tweets in, sooner or later you get really fed up with just this idea of churning out lots of tweets that are not necessarily time sensitive, all relevant. So these arm or this is more about scheduling those tweets for regular events that you have promotions that you'll know you're gonna have every couple of weeks or every month and time sensitive contents of something that has to go out certain event. Or maybe your happening on open day. These are tweets are regularly happen every month, so you wanna automate without being too spammy and the way to do that. It's a draftees out ahead of time, so slow releasing a similar tweet over a period of time can keep content evergreen with traffic. So, for instance, I put up a post about the latest hi fi system is £200. It's high quality, and it's from Bo's A. The difference is, is that in summertime, people might not be interested in buying that that stereo system might be a lot. People looking for an offer on that product. Putting relevant offers block post that you want to be evergreen. That means it's constantly receiving. Some traffic is constantly relevant at the right times. If you just spam these out every day, people will get completely frustrated with just it not being relevant information for what they need. But if you could do these around certain days, so first is it might be the end of the month when people are getting paid. Might be on a black Friday. It might be east there it might be Christmas, even on their birthday. Have you thought about buying that stereo system? Yet there is ways to get the information from Facebook and Twitter. Beltre analytically mined that data for when people are actively looking for search results and you can slow release information that you have in your existing catalogue of assets additional assets and link them to the tweets. It's good to redistribute to on audience in different time zones that would never normally see your tweets. If I start putting tweets out today at four o'clock, it's the morning time in America that might have gone past that to it. It's good to schedule and have a calendar, not just for your time zone. You have to remember that we're on an international stage now. We're 24 7 riel time economy. There might be people just waking up in American now that I have not seen your tweet of the day. If you schedule another tweet, similar tweet with an image later on in the day three or four times in the day, maybe you want a block post to be seen by a international audience. Remember, we live in a real time on demand world these days, so managing a calendar of worldly events and have relevant content to suit that holiday period like tomorrow. The Black Friday is gonna be massive for courses, online courses and training. Easter's obviously a big holiday. Valentine's is a lot of people buying stuff of Valentine's Day. There's also attention online buying Christmas presents for Christmas. So being in those relevant time periods being found in those relevant time periods, when people are actively looking for certain objects to buy four people for Christmas, having a calendar pre prepared baby a month, three months, six months in advance will help you just slow release and create evergreen content from your existing block posts. It doesn't mean if you post a block post from three months ago doesn't necessarily mean that that traffic that block post will never get traffic again. Maybe it may be relevant now because it's a cheaper price. Maybe the stereo system that I bought in January is now half price, or there's a new version of it so I can block about the new version of it. It's also helps with brand advocacy. If companies are looking for brand advocates and they can see that you wrote some content about version one of their hardware, they may be interested in sending new Version two of your hardware for a view which gives them coverage for their new equipment and helps their bottom line in sales. 3. 1.2 - buffer and postcron and tweets oh my!: all right then. So Buffer is one of my favorite APS for redistributing content. It's only $10 a month for a pro accounts, and I find that obsessional value. It allows me to have a calendar view. Aiken drop in pictures on text on Aiken. Schedule tweets ahead of time. We buffer the team. Support is very good. If you wanna have your whole startup or business submitting tweets, they don't have to go out. Live there could be as a draft. You can log in every day and see which tweets are good or batter and different. You can't even hire somebody as a virtual p A. To do that for you. Scheduling is one of the most powerful features of both buffer on post crime. That's what they were designed to do. The buffer these tweets out to go out of the optimum time feel content is good if your videos good. If your pictures are good, If the block posts are informative and create value, then you are going to get some traffic for that. Also, remember, the longer that content is on your block on your website there longer that it's going be indexed by the Google search robot. So over time the legacy of that the evergreen nature of it. If you'll keep you keep on talking about that through Twitter and Facebook, people will go back and revisit that post month after month after month. Post ground is very similar to buffer, but you may prefer the interface. The reason why I have suggested to services that are very similar is that you just might get on with one better than the other one. I hear a lot from people you know which wants you to go for which one's the best. It depends on how you use online Web APS. A lot of people still use local acts on that machine. They don't necessarily realize that a lot of this stuff could be done from anywhere. There's an Internet connection and connected this service in the cloud, and the cloud is all the work. Is that having an application locally way? Normally, you would write something inward and export that into a document so you may get on with Post Grant better than you would with buffer. Both have analytics. I heartily recommend that it's important to see what works. Also, $10 allows one team member toe work alongside you. So it might be an idea to hire somebody on up work for three or $4 an hour from the Philippines. He's got a very good track record with creating graphics and text that and get them to create draft tweets for you. That's a $10 to allow another team member to be on your accounts. Developed a usual Twitter accounts, not necessarily send things out, but prepare things for you in speed up that output. 4. 1.3 - missinglettr twelve month campaigns!: All right, So another one I want to talk about is missing. Letter Missing letter is a new tall I'm using to build out 12 month campaigns. So when it comes to my skill share courses, I want to be able to promote a course today. And then I want to promote it in maybe seven days time and in two weeks time and then maybe a months time and three months, six months and 12 months. I want that course to have evergreen traffic of people discovering that tweet, discovering that Facebook post and don't know that's interesting. I'll go and check it out. Gonna have a look. Most of my courses are not time sensitive there information that people will come in a different junction points, maybe a Christmas. They get a brand new computer and learning some skills for the first time, and they'll come across the tweets, and it's a very good time to do it. Christmas is to be putting content out on Christmas Day when people have got, especially in the UK, 100,000 people are buying a computer for the first time. So with these tweets over a period of a year, It's slow releases these tweets with a different message, but it's linked to the same item. You don't want to just pour 12 months of the same graphic, same tweet. There's no point in doing that. You should be invented. Be creative with the tweet with the messaging with the image. Just don't use the same image over and over again. People get bored of seeing the same thing. It's best to rework the hashtags are missing letter. I found that some of the missing letter default hashtags are not necessarily relevant to the tweet or the block post that I put up. So rework those hashtag to something more useful. Like I said, go and have a search for hashtags that are popular. Maybe find ones that are relevant for your niece. Your industry and I suggest you get the paid plan to be able to upload images to each tweet . Don't want to just have their text image because it just looks automated. What I'm trying to do with this automation is I'm trying to save you time trying to make you more effective. I'm not trying to turn you into a bowl tweet spammer. Nobody wants that what you want is relevant. Valuable information time sensitive in the location where people are at. So I use camber personally to make it orations of the images. And then I promote the courses in different ways over the 12 months. 5. 1.4 - evergreen content ideas: so evergreen content is content that is perpetually relevant. So, for instance, this Christmas tree this is going to be relevant in the month of December because people are looking for Christmas trees to put in their house. And then by time, January comes around that Christmas tree is gone. So having something evergreen, having something about maybe blogging, maybe podcasting maybe had build a skill share course that's always going to be perpetually relevant. People are always going to be looking how to make a skill share course because they might want to get started themselves. It's about writing, not just for the content that you want to write, but writing for a future audience. And that could take some time to consider all of those options. Who's gonna be maybe reading this tomorrow? Next week, a months time a year from now, your courses on certain topics might do well around certain events, So obviously this Christmas tree is going to do very well in December. Certain topics that you know we're gonna have on Valentine's Day, Easter Christmas, whatever is in your particular religious calendar, you could make content that's relevant, that you can tweet in a campaign around that time might be an idea to look for common events holidays from around the globe and post in those time zones Don't post in your own time zones because obviously that content is not gonna be seen. Use services toe to search in real time and match some of those automated tweets with Twitter requests. So I'm gonna I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I'm going to say in the next couple of years a lot of the tweeting a lot of the marketing will be automated. There will be some kind of AI process to it where you will have a baht that links the existing content that you've got to really time requests that people have. So imagine a situation where you have a block post about a stereo system and somebody says , I'm in the market to get a new stereo system from Bose. A C stereo system bows a and automatically links up to some content and messages them directly. So it's really time. Information that's being aggregated with the bottle is doing the work behind the scenes. I could imagine that's gonna be massive in the next couple of years. But technology will respond across different platforms, and I think it's gonna be possible to link silos of data that you have to really time on demand. So if you're relevant, if you have what somebody needs in a dear location, you can actually put them into the right direction. Say hey, yet we're just around a corner. Five minutes wait, we have on the shelf. This is a price. Those silos of information that we're making the video blocks, the YouTube, but the vines, the Instagram's all of that stuff is gonna be relevant because it's all going to be searchable. 6. 1.5 - the five step project: so the five step project. Then go to your project in the bar below. On the skill share page, Put in an awesome project title. I want to know how you're doing your marketing on Twitter. Do you have some secrets that I don't know about in the project? Workspace. Be creative. Tell me about it. Put some pictures and the steps that you'll take in. Please pick a sweet cover image if you don't have one from nomad dot pictures, click Save and you're done. 7. 1.6 - the roundup: by then, people in the roundup. Key to slow releasing is different content. Different text, different pictures. Don't be super spamming. You don't need four tweet post going out about your course today, but it might be called, and it might be relevant for certain courses that you've made on different platforms to go out at certain times. So have a look at your back catalog and try and link some images and some text to those. Maybe outsource that job because it is quite a big job. And then you can schedule those a month, three months, six months in advance. But don't do it too often. Bring value in every tweet that you put out. Be careful with outsourcing your authentic Twitter voice to others. What I mean by that is, if you have somebody from the Philippines is just creating these graphics. And these tech that's just churning stuff out. Be authentic to you in terms of writing their tweets out, being creative about it, the imagery that video time and place when you're putting those things out, the people that you outsource to. So be careful that that is your authentic Twitter voice. When scheduling content and headed time on. I can't stress this enough. You need to be able to have the ability to pull, kill, switch on any of those scheduled tweets. If something disastrous happens, we have some kind of tsunami or earthquake or a plane crash or some kind of, you know, big public event happens. You've got to make sure that you're not tweeting out content that you've scheduled, which might be just taken the wrong way or is just bad practice. Or it's just not not a cool thing to do when there's other or important things happening around the world To make sure you have a kill switch for future posts, be aware of worldwide events and try and be sensitive about your marketing. Hope you enjoy that course. Please leave me any feedback and questions. I do enjoy making these. If you've considered this to be valuable to you, I put out courses very regularly. I would love your premiere sign up. It's only 99 cents for three months. I will catch it. We soon thanks watching by 8. 1.7 - share, review and go premium?: while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.