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simple beginners watercolour ROSES

teacher avatar Michelle Kral, ARTIST :)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (30m)

    • 2. SUPPLIES

    • 3. WARM UPPPP

    • 4. ROSE PAINTING 1

    • 5. ROSE PAINTING 2


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About This Class


in this class i will show you a simple and effective way to paint roses in a loose wet in wet style, at the end of the class you will have two beautiful paintings and the confidence to paint more :)



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Meet Your Teacher

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Michelle Kral



I am a freelance  Artist and Textile designer based from my 18th century former pub in West Auckland Durham UK, where i live with my very tall son and crazy dog Cyril.

My passion is painting flowers in watercolour. I am inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and my very large garden where I have some of the most beautiful flowers to paint.  I also love to share my knowledge and  teach watercolour classes privately and online.

I have a very varied style and prolific way of working, I use a mixed range of media, I just love to paint... digital, vector, photoshop, illustrator, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink...anything that makes a mark!  if i am not creating i am not me.

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hi. My name's I am a professional. I have seen painting, so I'm enjoying They're fun and simple to day. Great results Come and join me. Have fun people. 2. SUPPLIES: I am just gonna talk you through this place your class start with needs and paper. I like the state of any 300 ground £140 cold pressed paper. Thing is a four size or similar to letter size in us. It's got slight grain on exits. Cold pressed. Make sure you get really good quality. Take her. I'd say £140 weight or higher. Don't go lower. Otherwise we'll get looked. A backlit carry. I like this brush amendment. This is a number 16 pro or con in Sir Brush, and it's synthetic and natural hair, and it goes into a nice point when it's wet. That's really important. If you get a nice around brush that's full on, but it goes into a really nice point. Me and you can use it for thick and thin lines. Um, we need some paper towels. That's water on this. I'm going to use mission and paints. This is my sorry. It looks a bit crazy, but that's how I work. You can have it nice and clean. You want the submission paint lots of lovely colors, and there's lots of loving pinks in that in here with juggling use. Greens are quite nice as well, but when you mix them up, let more blending to each other, they look lovely. That's all the supplies were going to use this way. 3. WARM UPPPP: - hi to begin where? If we're going to do some warming up exercises really good to warm up. Say you feel a bit free and confident with your brush tricks. I'm just gonna warm up and show you some rush tricks that we can t use in the paintings, and you can practice them. I've squirted some of my colors out in my palette, and I'm just gonna act fake names by dropping in some water. It's really good to mix it up to a nice milky consistency on. Use a lot of Pickman. Don't be afraid on Greeley. Load your brush up. Also, when you're painting, it's good to hold the paintbrush further down stem because it gives you more range of motion. And if you want to really find details, if you hold it near it to the bristles, you have more control. But I often like told it at the end with Russian. Just let brush on the water color, do what it wants to do. And even though this is a really big brush, you can get really fine strikes with Just let me do what it wants to and oh say, excuse me if you slide your brush up again, and now I'm going to do some heavy strikes, which I'm going to use the whole of the brush. This is called like the heel of the brush where the Brussels join the neck mental. And if you put the brush down on the paper, pushed down hard and then slowly drag it away. And as you do lift up, you find you get lovely petal shapes. I use this a lot of this painting. It's really simple. You get really good effects with that. That will say, if you use that motion, but do it in a tip way that gives, like a curved the edge of a rose that we're gonna be painting and you could make a strict, smaller and lighter is you get just keep practicing lots of brush straits thin ones on. If you do, little adapts when this will be using this just using the end of the brush. They create lovely like petal shapes, more bulbs or leaves. Make it a slam around There's practice. Um, frustration, condition quick ones, slow ones like this on Also, I want each practice dropping in some water because you create lovely wash bag, strapping water between the pain as it started as sheen is starting to go off to paint. If you it creates lovely washed back effects just soon. Lovely effects just appearing here, and you leave it to dry. Naturally, the water was soaking to paint, and it would do its own thing, and you'll get some lovely affects. Also, it's really good and in different colors. What's the paint is wet as well. When you get merging colors going on, it's really pretty. And as you practice and you get more confident, you learn to control this and use it to your advantage. And you end up letting the paint paint itself, really, and you just get some wonderful effects. You'll learn which colors running to each other. Some colors will push each other away. It depends on make your paints as well. Different paints different Makes of paints do different things. It's just quite nice and lovely to see what happens to things as you're painting. You can get some lovely effects going on. Lovely. How it just runs runs into each other. Oops. I'm gonna let this one dry, understand? Getting of one. I'm prancing on the same paper that I'm going to do my main painting on them. You can see how the paper reacts with paint as well, because different paces react differently. It's all a big, big fun and games. He's like petrol shapes and depends. You can practice blotting as well, sometimes if you have, like paint, and it stopped running in because it hasn't dried yet and you don't want it to. You brought it and that was Stop it happening. She took her back to him with the same kind of that, sometimes letting paint running Teoh each other. It's just lovely, just like can't speedy pretty get signed? Many defense. See how simple? Just with simple frustrates, you could get effect. Petals and leaves practice. It rose up people. Some water. You can go back into the other colors and drop. It's drawing gets the effects happening that get to blot out of this also lifts the pigment off the paper. Say you can get highlights as well, and textures just keep practicing and playing around with paint. Do you feel your confidence that control? Have some control over the water color because when you paint waiting where it does have a mind of its end. Sometimes if you know what is going to do, have that many unexpected surprises, so carry on practising when you're happy way go onto painting. 4. ROSE PAINTING 1: gather up for your supplies and let's start painting. Make sure you have everything in easy reach, and it set out how you find easiest paint. Start by choosing the colors you wish to use on Dsquared the mountain to your palate. Don't worry about squeezing out too much paint, the more the better, I say Andi. Also, you can. When it's dried up, you can reactivate it with water. You feel a bit worried about how to set out the painting on the paper. You can draw it very lightly with a pencil beforehand. If you're a bit nervous about, I start by mixing the color that I want to use to a milky consistency. Don't be worried about using too much pigment. The more pigment you have on the brush, the better. We don't want any wishy washy, pale colors. I like to paint bright. Also, don't be afraid of using too much water. I like to start off by putting some clean water onto the paper where I want the first flower to be. And then I stopped doing simple brush strokes like we practiced in your warm up. Let the colors all blend into each other don't be afraid to use a lot of water again. It's really nice to drop in colors. What's this all still wet? So they all blending together. Also drop in lots of water as you're painting this wet on wet technique, as it's called, and it's really lovely and just let the water color paint itself winning and you get lovely textures and wash that's going on use. That frustrates that we did in the booth. I think this many roses as you like on also in any colors that you want to paint them. Get a drop in other colors to add a bit of contrast with the lights and darks. Just let all the colors blend into each other. If it becomes too much water and it starts pulling and doesn't do what you want, you can take paper town on blot out areas. This gives but takes away the pigment of the pain and also gives him us texture. I'm just painting a little now I'm mixing greens up to make the and stop making the leaves used simple one strike brushstrokes that makes sense just to make the leaf shapes. It's very simple and just let the paint, do what it wants to and use. The very tip of the brush is well. Just help coax the water where it wants to go in the paint. And don't be worried about old like blending in as this gives and lovely effects. When it's completely dry, keep adding leaves in different shades of green. I'm adding extra large raise just up in the corner. Just add a bit of interesting composition. No way, just little the colors flowing into each other. It's so beautiful. The way doesn't sometimes remember, you can blot out areas if you put too much paint. There you are mixing a blue green color. Now I'm painting small, thin lines with the tip of the brush. T create some extra fail egx. No way. I'm also using the same color to paint a few leaves. Now, using the brush in Little Debbie Motion Teoh create like so it's like till bugs. Little details as paintings drying and carry on until you're happy with it. Try not to overwork it on, and don't worry about the big pools of water you'll have on it when it's completely dry. You're seeing all the beautiful, full effects it gives. Try not to use a hair dryer on it. Just be patient and let it dry naturally, and you'll get lovely effects when you're finished and it's completely dry, you can look at all the lovely wash racks and blends of colors you have in there. It looks really pretty. 5. ROSE PAINTING 2: painting first painting now against Paint one in Portrait, which is the other way around. And I thought it would be nice to paint. It's a different color, ones on a slightly different composition. I'm going to paints and yellow raises, which I like them just to give a big contrast on adding some purple ones. I'm just using the all the techniques that I did in the first painting and just won't give you talk through this very much, and I just let you watch way . 6. YOUR PROJECT: thank you for taking calls, and I really hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me in the discussion below on your project. This is just the paints and beautiful warm colored roses using simple watercolor brush strokes. I really hope that you upload your projects and state. Thank you. See, you see?