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"silence is golden" | English Vocabulary BOOST + Quiz

teacher avatar Able Lingo ASL, American Sign Language (ASL)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson Information

    • 3. Explain the Idiom

    • 4. Describe & Summarize the Picture

    • 5. Create a Conversation

    • 6. Explore Vocabulary & Phrases

    • 7. Quiz & Review

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About This Class


IN THIS LESSON, we use an idiom frequently spoken by native English speakers as a foundation to:

• Improve your English vocabulary
• Sharpen your English communication skills
• Increase your English grammar proficiency


(1) Introduce and explain a useful English idiom
(2) Describe and summarize an interesting picture
(3) Create a conversation using the picture and the idiom
(4) Analyze the conversation and use EXTRA images to explore important vocabulary and phrases
(5) Test your understanding with a QUIZ and explain the correct AND incorrect answers


• Boost your proficiency with important English vocabulary and phrases
• Improve your understanding and capacity to utilize a commonly used English idiom
• Increase your overall vocabulary by learning alternative ways to say essential words and phrases
• Improve your English grammar by using active grammar and English that is relevant to daily life
• Increase your confidence and ability to communicate using the English language



This class was taught LIVE to students from around the world. Throughout the lesson, I respond to their comments and questions. Enjoy!











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Able Lingo ASL

American Sign Language (ASL)


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1. Introduction: So Mary continues. Silence is golden. Ruth, you're obliterating this beautiful moment. Mm. There's another opportunity obliterating. So you're obliterating this beautiful moment. Here we go. To destroy, to decimate. Okay, so all of these words are not exactly the same meaning as obliterate, but they're very similar, right? The whole idea is you have something and you know, it's gon is destroyed, right? All right, so she says, Take this chair the chair right here, and smack you over the head with it. All right? So let's talk a boat. Smack. Ruth might have said I will smack you, but not with the fish. She said with the chair. Things were getting crazy between Ruth and Mary. Such a peaceful picture. Such a violent relationship in the conversation picture. What was the time of day and location? Mm. Your choices are midnight at a local fruit market afternoon near the ocean evening on top of a mountain morning in front of a lake mid day in the middle of a city. So in the conversation picture, what was the time of day and location? Let's start the music 2. Lesson Information: Okay, so today the theme is Silence is golden. All right, we're gonna do conversation, vocabulary and quiz. And you might be wondering, you know, what are we going to do in this lesson? Who? Well, let's let's see, we'll figure it out. So the English lesson material for today is we will talk about an idiom. We'll use a picture and an idiom to create a conversation, and then we'll use extra pictures, more pictures to explain the vocabulary and phrases from the conversation. I want to make sure you understand everything that's going on and awe. Maybe the juiciest part will test. You will have a quiz today. We're going to improve your English. OK, that's what we do here at Able Lingo. So thank you everyone for joining. And if you guys have questions, comments fuel. Frito, leave him in the chat and I will be taking a look at the chat so I can respond to you guys . All right, so just a quick peek. Some of the vocabulary and phrases were going to do today. Get fired ugly. And of course, we're going to summarize and talk about the picture. Contemplate, silence is golden, who It's an idiom I love idioms to obliterate. Looks like a juicy one. I'm exhausted. I feel a key. I will smack you. Okay, I got to stay serious. 3. Explain the Idiom: So let's start with the idiom. OK, what in the world This silence is golden mean? Well, let's find out. Silence is golden means zoop. Keep your mouth shut. Don't talk about what you heard. Don't talk about what you saw. Just be quiet. Silence is golden, in other words, is better to be quiet and avoid speaking Avoid means to not do it right, so don't speak. Let's see this idiom in an example. All right, I know you want to tell the boss how ugly his hair is. However, silence is golden. Don't be crazy and get fired. All right, so let's see a couple of things in this conversation. We have the word ugly. And let's see if you guys let's see if I'm so glad the comments, etc. And see Saddam dying, Deng says, Can you join me? Well, unfortunately, on YouTube, there's no way for me to bring you a live. This is ah lesson. You can type and you can chat and text and stuff. And here I can show much more things and I cannot instagram right. Okay. On Instagram, right? I can bring people live, but in YouTube this is a lesson where you can, you can still participate with through text in questions and talking in the chat. Okay, All right. So let's take a look at the word ugly and let's see other ways to say the word ugly. If you guys have other ways to say how to say ugly, leave it in the chat, show me in the comments. Okay, So ugly. One way to say ugly is unattractive. You could say this guy is kind of ugly. You could also say he's kind of creepy and scary, but yeah, he is ugly. All right, So Ah, Miriam De says not beautiful, right? Right. Sometimes we just talk about something by doing the opposite of something else. So it's not beautiful, right? We can say repulsive. Now this is a pretty strong word. Repulsive? If someone or something is repulsive, you're like a that you want to move away from it. All right, well, here's a strong one. Too hideous. Oh, I think you could use that one to describe this guy. He's a hideous guy. Very, very ugly, right? You'll just to gay says bad view, right? If this guy popped up in front of your window you would be like. It's a bad view. All right, let's see. And another one is unsightly. All right, so repeat after me. Unattractive. Repulsive, hideous, unsightly. All right, so all of all of these, I would say these two are the strongest. If you really want to insult someone, you would call them repulsive or hideous, because it just means, like, super ugly. Right? If ugly is right here, repulsive and hideous is like way appear right, Okay. And unsightly is similar to ugly. It just doesn't make you feel good when you see it. All right, go back in the conversation. However, silence is golden. So however it it's better to just be quiet. Don't be crazy and get fired. All right, so that's one of the phrases we're gonna talk about. Get fired. Ah ha. So the boss he's pointing at us. Mm. So get fired Means to. And you guys, what do you think? Get fired Means what are other ways to say? Get fired. We could say get terminated like not as in not terminated as in. They're going to kill you, but terminated. As in you know, you can't keep working there. Your employment will be terminated. You could say lose your job and another way to say it, which is kind of long, but it explains it very well is you could say, Put yourself in a situation where the bars ends. Your employment. Okay. Oh. Mm. Okay. Let's see what we have in the comments To be complicit, Mariam D says to become job between Oh, I think what you're trying to say is in between jobs, right? So if you're in between jobs, you're unemployed. Excuse me. Okay. Saddam dinks says get out, right. If the boss comes up to you and says, Get out, you're probably fired, right? Are key in English Welcome. Saw you over Instagram. And now you're here in YouTube. Get sacked, right? That's a nice one. All right. So I don't have a lot of space here, so we'll switch it, get sacked, right? I got sacked today. I have no money and coming stuff like that, right? Ah ha. Mary m d In between jobs. Right. Okay, so that was our example for the idiom. I know you want to tell the boss How ugly is Harris? However, silence is golden. Don't be crazy. And get fired. Okay, so now that we know what the idioms silence is golden, It means it means keep your mouth shut. You know this. Don't say anything. All right, so let's describe ah, picture. 4. Describe & Summarize the Picture: All right, so let's describe Ah, picture. Oh, right. Here we go. All right. I see apples in the comments from Key in English. Who I like apples. Doesn't matter if they're on YouTube or Instagram or riel life. I like tasty apples. Okay, so let's take a look at this picture. I'm gonna take one quick during, All right? You guys can help me describe what you see in this picture, right? And let's talk about it s So we have Ruth and we have Mary, and it looks like Ruth is standing up, and Mary is sitting down, right? See Saddam dying, says Ruth and Mary. So we have two ladies and let's see, let's start big when we're describing, and then we'll go smaller. So when I say start big, let's talk about the area, the environment, the location. All right, So you guys let me know in the comments what you think you can describe with me and help me out. All right, So if I say this location, I would say the location is near the ocean. You could say it's a beach location. However, the beach is very rocky, right? This might not be the best place to go swimming. If you went swimming here, you probably get smashed against the rocks, so it's not a very good place to go. Swimming, however, is still a beach. It's close to the ocean. You can see the ocean. The waves are quite large. They're coming in, probably making a nice sound. Nice relaxing sound the time of day. Judging by the shadow, which is a little bit long, I'm going to guess like three or four, maybe two or 3 p.m. Maybe 3 p.m. In the day? I don't know, but we could say Ruth is standing up. Mary is sitting down and Mary actually has a chair. I would say it's a wooden folding chair. It looks like Ruths or Mary's coat is draped or hung over the back of the chair. All right, so let's go a little bit smaller. We're gonna described Ruth. Ruth is standing up, she's wearing a hat, and we could say we can say it's a wide brim Tact, and the brim is the part that comes in front that blocks the sun and on Ruth's hat. It's a wide brimmed hat that goes all the way around. Her hat, right in Ruths shirt is like a tiger. Wait. No, not a tiger. Like a leopard, Right? Or cheetah except the colors. A little bit off. But Ruth shirt is wild. What a wild shirt. Ruth and Booths. Pants aren't as wild as her shirt. They're just black pants. And it looks like she has maybe white socks with some sort of design on them and black shoes. Okay. And once again, if you guys want to help me describe what you see in the picture, that would be great. In a moment, we're going to summarize it. But right now we're gonna finish describing it. Okay, let me just see. So dumb thing says Wildcat. Yes, Ruth shirt is like a wild like wildcat, like right. It's like a wild leopard. Okay, so, Mary, it looks like her clothing is not as wild. It's more relaxed, there would say, more conservative. She has are no fits of brown coat, probably long sleeve. They both have long sleeve, which makes me think it's a little bit chilly out might be a little bit cold out today, and Mary's hair is tied up and it's tied in the back, and I never have to tie up my hair because I have such short hair. Okay, And let's see Mary sitting down. She's looking out towards the ocean. Ruth is also looking out towards the ocean and weaken. Described Ruth as maybe leaning against the chair. Or she has her hand on Mary's shoulder or her hand on the chair. She could be resting. All right. Uh, see corn. Ephram says hello. Hello and welcome. Meriem, D says there are some shelves on the beach. Ah, maybe you want to Seychelles s h E l l s shells on the beach as possible. Sure. And there a lot of rocks and they're like many pools right here. Pools of water, those air called tide pools. So in the night or whenever the tide comes in, the tide is just win the ocean shifts and it moves all the way in. In the next part of the day, it moves back out and it leaves some of the water behind. So that's called a tide pool. So this is Ruth and Mary. Okay. And let's yes, said I'm dating. The water is so cold, I would agree. The water is probably very cold, so you probably wouldn't want to swim for a couple reasons. One. The water is going to smash you into the rocks and to the water so cold that it wouldn't be very enjoyable to swim. So let's see. Let's summarize this picture and summarize just means to take information and condense it down. Make it into a smaller piece. So if we just wanted to summarise the picture, we could say two women are looking at the ocean in the afternoon. One is standing and the other is sitting. It's a nice day and they are enjoying the beautiful view. Okay, so that's a simple description of what's happening in the picture. And if we wanted, we could add the names to women. Ruth and Mary are looking at the ocean. One is standing and the other is city. It's a nice day, and they are enjoying the beautiful view and so down, Deng says. How could we bathe bath when the water is so cold? Better to go inside and take a hot shower. Okay, so why don't you guys repeat after me and I will wait? I will pause after I read it so you guys can repeat after me. Here we go. Two women are looking at the ocean in the afternoon, one is standing and the other is sitting. It's a nice day and they are enjoying the beautiful view. Okay, so if you didn't pronunciation, show me some apples in the comments. Okay, Lets see Corn, Ephram says. I feel like both had a lot of memories about the beach. Yes, I would say that's a very good observation, E. I guess we didn't really talk about the age of the women. How old do you think these women are? Let me know in the comments. What do you think? How old do you think these women are or what is their age? And what do you think their relationship is? E. I would say there probably friends right there, close together. But how old do you think they are? We'll take a look. We'll give some clues. We can look at Ruth's hand, right? There are a lot of wrinkles on it, and we can look at Mary's hair. It looks like it's gray hair. So how old do you think these two ladies are? All right side. I'm doing says. I think both are 50 plus and they may be friends. Sure, Coney Fram says, I think Ruth is the mother. And Mariam says Sixties. Sure. And corn Ephram Ruth is the mother is possible, right? Yeah, Maybe they're sisters, maybe their friends, maybe their neighbors. Maybe their coworkers. Maybe there. I don't know. There's a lot of possibilities for their relationship. Okay, so I would agree there. Probably older, right? And if we describe body shape, we could say that Ruth is a little bit large. She's kind of fat. We could say, Well, yeah, she's a little bit overweight And Mary, we can't tell too much because she's sitting down, but she looks a little bit more slim and trim, OK? 5. Create a Conversation: Now, let's create a conversation. Let's see. What are they talking? A boat. All right. Said, um, Deng says Ruth is not Are am I right? Right. If you're gonna talk about Ruth, you're gonna say Ruth is is you could see Ruth is tall. Ruth is happy. But if you say are you have to have more than one person. So you could say Ruth and Mary are friends. But if you're going to use our you need at least at least two subjects at least two things to talk about. Okay, so let's make a conversation through. This is one of my favorite parts. Okay, Ruth starts the conversation. She says, How long are we going to contemplate the waves? Ah, I'm bored, Mary. Silence is golden. Ruth, you're obliterating this beautiful moment. Mm. Ruth, you say silence is golden, but I'm hungry. Exhausted a key and really need to use a toilet. Mary, if you keep talking, I'm gonna take this chair and smack you over the head with it. Ruth, silence is Golden Mary. Okay, so first thing I'm gonna do, Okay? First thing I'm gonna do is make the idioms bold. And I think there's a question inthe e comments. Murray, Um, de says, why can't I see other comments that are typed? I don't know. I don't know if you may be using it on your phone or I'm not really sure. Yeah, I'm not sure. Corn Ephram says I wonder who brought the chair. Right, baby? Maybe Ruth carried it for Mary. Or maybe they carried it together. All right, so we're gonna make the idioms bold in this conversation, and I'm gonna take a look through, make sure I don't have any mistakes because I want to say the conversation at regular speed . Here we go. Let's see. Okay, so here we go. Ruth starts the conversation. It's a beautiful place there by the ocean there, listening to the waves. And Ruth says, How long are we going to contemplate the waves? I'm bored, Mary. Silence is golden. Ruth, you're obliterating this beautiful moment. Ruth, You say silence is golden. Make it bold. You say silence is golden, but I'm hungry. Exhausted a key and really need to use a toilet. Mary, if you keep talking, I'm gonna take this chair and smack you over the head with it. Ruth, silence is Golden Mary. Okay, so this is the conversation between Ruth and Mary, and it's not as peaceful as the picture looks. Right. Okay. All right. Let's see. Oh, welcome to looks like Bhaskar Yadav. Media joined and Huda and my joint, Right? Welcome. Who the mud says. Interesting conversation. A crazy conversation. A little bit different than maybe we were expecting from a nice, peaceful picture. Okay, so let's use this conversation. First thing I made the idioms bold so you can see where they stand out and how they're used in the conversation. And once again, the theme for today. The idiom for today is silence is golden, but there may be other words that you don't understand. 6. Explore Vocabulary & Phrases: But there may be other words that you don't understand. And I'm going to guess, contemplate, possibly is one of them. So let's take a look at the word contemplate. And if you guys know what it means, then please type in the comments and let us know. Ah ha mari MD contemplate equals Meditate who? All right, so let's go to our separate screen with pictures. All right, So contemplate is a verb. It's an action, right? It's something that you're doing. And so I'm gonna put it here as to contemplate, right? Repeat after me to contemplate. All right? And if you did pronunciation whenever you repeat after me, put some apples in the comments and it let me lets me know that you guys are participating . Okay, so here are other ways. Oh, wow. You guys were so fast. Wonderful. Mary M. D. Says contemplate equals meditate. Great. Bosco yard of media says ponder. Uh huh. And he also says to think deeply. Okay. All right. So I have 123456 different ways to say it. So let's see to contemplate, you could say to look at like you look at something you're just, you know, your eyes were viewing something, and you're thinking about it could say to view like this guy over here. He's viewing the laptop, and at the same time, he's probably thinking it's using your eyes plus your brain. Right. So you're thinking at the same time you could say to examine, to inspect, to observe, to scrutinize. All right. And to contemplate here is specifically to contemplate the waves. So we're focused on the action, what they're doing, they're looking at them. They're viewing them right? They're not just sitting in their house all by themselves, thinking about them. They're also watching and looking at the waves. So the options that I came up with for to contemplate show the action that the person is doing with their body to look at the waves or look at whatever they're looking at, Right? And Meriem D says, but deeply, Yes, very deeply. Okay. So to look at interview are pretty simple to examine, right? If you have, like, maybe your phone or something and you examine it, you look at it very closely because you want to I don't know, get information from it or something. All right, to inspect. Think about when you go through airport security and they want to stop you. Raise your arms. Stay there. I need to look in your bag and all that stuff. So inspect is a perfect word when you go through airport security and they want to inspect your luggage, they want to examine your luggage. To observe is basically the same thing to look at to view. All right, I seem Kaya, Karjala are merely says hello again. I say hello. All right. Bosco Jandi of Media says to search. Sure, that could work. Especially if you're examining something. And maybe like a the airport. They're looking for things that you can't bring on the plane. Right? So they're searching for that May be looking and inspecting. Now, scrutinise is kind of a unique one. It's similar to examine. Um, you're thinking about something and you're trying to make up your mind about it. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it just, you know, not good or bad, but you're scrutinizing something. Let's scrutinize the business deal. Will it be successful? Let's scrutinize. Ah, the work that they did on her house. Was it good dough? I like it don't I like it, stuff like that. So this is contemplate. If you look at the pictures right here, we have a guy and you guys help me. If you guys want to describe the pictures, I would love to see comment Right here We have a guy. He is looking at a laptop, right, and he is contemplating the laptop. He's examining the laptop. He's scrutinizing the information on the laptop. This lady, I would say, is a good one for uh, you guys said before meditate into Ponder. Bhaskar said to think deeply, Mariam said to meditate, Right? She's thinking about something. Oh, I have a date tonight. I'm so excited. Will he bring flowers? Will he be nice? Oh, I hope he's tall. I hope he's handsome, right? So they're thinking about something and this picture down here we have a couple two people . Amar E. M. D. Says to consider, Yes, there's so many options, right? And each one can be specific to a different situation. Very good. Okay, so these two people are sitting on a bench and it looks like a cat or maybe a dog is with them. And in the background. I think it's the Golden Gate Bridge. So this is a beautiful view. Similar to before the picture. They were looking at the ocean. They were looking out over the ocean, and here they're looking over the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. So they couldn't say they're contemplating the view. They're observing the scenery there, taking it all in and just, you know, relaxing. Okay, so let's go back to the conversation. Here we go. All right, boss. Card out of media green apples. All right, I love apples. Okay, here we go. All right. So the first part was, How long are we going to contemplate the waves? I'm bored. So she could have said, How long are we going to sit here and watch the waves or observe the waves or look at the waves or examined? I'm bored and board is the opposite of excited. Right? So she doesn't want to stay any longer. Okay, so Mary says to Ruth, silence is Golden Ruth. In other words, Well, let's talk about it. Let's talk about different ways to say silence is golden. Who? I think the pictures speak for themselves. But if you guys could help being the Commons. What does it mean? Silence is golden. I have 1234 four different ways to communicate this idiom. Silence is golden right now. We're looking at the comments as I go. If you guys have other ways, I'll talk about them. You really helped me out before in the word contemplate. So here we go. Silence is golden. A simple way is just to say keep quiet. Right. Another way is don't say anything. Silence! Zip. Silence is golden and more of a rude way to do it is to say keep your mouth shut, right? Mariam D says not talking too much, right? Not talking, right? Okay. Another way. You could just say to describe it would be to enjoy the peace and quiet. All right, so let's do pronunciation. And if you guys repeat after me, put some apples in the comments. All right, so here we go. Repeat after me. Keep quiet. Don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut. Enjoy the peace and quiet. And of course, the idiom itself. Silence is golden. And anything that is compared to gold or precious metal is usually going to be something that is good. So they're saying here that silence is good and in the comment and see Leila Almeida says, Silence is it's important. Yes, it is by scary out of media silence is golden equals. Don't talk much. Okay, right. But I think you guys understand this idiom. Let's talk about the pictures. I see the most peaceful one. Well, these two are pretty peaceful, This lady, she's probably just like, maybe if you're at a movie theater and someone started talking on their phone and the person in front of them is very peaceful and they turn around and say Excuse me right in this person, right? Here's maybe she works in the library and she says she says she Ah, Murray M d Right on Hush hush. Be quiet. So this lady, she looks very respectful to us. You can't talk in the library. Please keep it down. Hush. All right. You'll this to gate. You should know that where you need to speak, right? You should know when and where you should speak and when and where you should not speak. Now this girl, maybe she's also in the movie theater and someone is talking on their phone, but right. Well, the movie is going on in this girl. She has had enough. It's the last draw. That's an indium. She's had a had too much, and she turns around and says she get off the phone and the person on the phone is they? I got to go. This freaky kid in front of me just told me to be quiet. Okay, so I would say of these three pictures, this girl is the most aggressive. She's not just saying Hush she's seeing Shut up! Okay. All right. So silence is golden back to the conversation. So Mary continues. Silence is golden. Ruth, you're obliterating this beautiful moment. Mm. There's another opportunity obliterating. So you're obliterating this beautiful moment, and here is going to be an action, right? So the verb is to obliterate has put it over here. Well, Bleidt to rate. Okay. Any idea what the word obliterate means? Mm. Mariam D says ruin. I like that answer. We might see that in just a moment as well. Okay, so let's take a look at two obliterate first. Let's do the pronunciation. Okay, everybody, repeat after me to to obliterate. Okay, So before I put the words. If we take a quick look at the pictures, obliterate probably isn't a good thing. Okay, so let's see. I have 1234566 ways to that are similar to obliterate. Here we go to destroy, to ruin, Just like Mario M. D. Said Rune. Right? To annihilate, To exterminate. To a demolish, to decimate. Okay, so all of these words are not exactly the same meaning as obliterate. But they're very similar, right? The whole idea is you have something and you know it's Gon is destroyed, right? So destroy. You have something and you break it apart. You tear it apart. You destroy it, you ruin it. It's no longer in good condition. Annihilate Who annihilate can be kind of violent. So if we're talking about this picture here, maybe somewhat. There was a war and they dropped a bomb and it annihilated. The whole city just killed everyone, right? Destroy and ruin could work well with this picture. They ruined the glass. They punched their fish through the glass. They splashed it Exterminate! Well, you can use that with people or with bugs. Maybe if you have a problem with Roaches or aunt or something like that. You can call a person called an exterminator, and they come in the clean your house and put chemicals and stuff like that. But sometimes people will say it for killing other people as well. They want to exterminate someone. Demolish is similar to destroy. The word demolish is often used with buildings, like If there's a very old building kind of like in this picture down here, let's say they want to destroy this building, demolish it so that they can build a new building. They would have what's called a controlled demolition, where they put like, dynamite and stuff. But they do it very carefully, and so the building will fall straight down, and then they can build something new. All right, that's to demolish. Decimate, uh, could be used. It's like destroy. Like you could say, the sickness decimated the population. So before the sickness, the town had 50,000 people. But after the sickness came, it decimated the population, and there were only 10,000 people still alive. So decimate means to destroy a large portion off maybe the population or something like that. Okay, so these pictures have the idea for obliterate, which means to destroy. Okay, so let's do some pronunciation. Repeat after me. To destroy, To ruin, to annihilate, to exterminate. To a demolish. To decimate. Right. Okay. All right. Let's see this. Take a look at the comments. Pasquarelli out of media says, decompose. That's that's the right idea. Decomposed would probably be over a longer period of time, Like the body or something was rotten and decomposed. But it's the same idea. Something is being destroyed. Just it takes a longer time. Uh, Saddam Di Deng. Deng says thanks for giving us time. All right. Thanks for watching. And thanks for hanging out with able able lingo. Uh, see, Bhaskar Yadav said, Oh, you give me an apple. So that means he did the pronunciation. Wonderful. Okay. All right, so let's continue with the conversation. All right? We just did obliterating. Right. So silence is golden Ruth, be quiet. Ruth, you're obliterating this beautiful moment. You're ruining this moment by complaining about being poured, right? You're destroying this moment. Okay, so Ruth continues, You say silence is golden. So in other words, you say it's a good idea to be quiet. What? I'm hungry, exhausted a key and really need to use a toilet. Okay, so let's take a look at a couple words here. Let's start with exhausted. I'm pretty sure you guys know what hungry means. I want to eat food. Exhausted. Can you guys tell me other ways to say exhausted? If I feel exhausted? A. Ruth, she says. I'm exhausted. What does it mean? What does the word exhausted mean? That's see, That's put it over here. Exhausted. What does that mean? Let's go to our slide. Ah, boss. Period of media says fatigue. Right? Physical fatigue, Something with our body. Right? Okay, you'll this to Gay says. Extremely tired. Bhaskar, yard of media says tired. Mario M. D says need to rest and call. Mother called call of other nature tired, full of pain. Who? I think she's also doing a key and, uh, having to use the toilet. Ok? Leila made a media says tired. Right. Okay, well, Bosco, yet of media says dog tired. Ok? Oh, I think we're going to repeat some of these in my list is well, great job, guys. Okay, so I'm exhausted, You could say. And I'm gonna put in a full sentence so that it's something that you can use instead of just a word all by itself. Their short sentences But their full sentences, you could say, uh I see you're gonna change my keyboard. There we go. OK, you say I'm tired out. I'm worn out. I'm I think we heard this one dog tired. Mm. I'm ready to drop. You could also say I'm drained. Okay, Right. And the sea will add one more that Bhaskar Yano said you could say I'm fatigued. All right. Okay. So the first to end without right, I'm tired out as if my good energy just went out the window. I'm not necessarily upset or angry, but I'm tired. Very tired. So my energy that I can get things done, I can do things. Ah, it's like my battery level is very low. I have low battery right now, so I'm tired out. I'm worn out. I'm dog tired is just think of a dog who's been running and running and running. And then they just and they father, and they fall asleep, right? You're dog tired. You're physically You just want to sleep or relax. Okay? I'm ready to drop as in. I'm so tired. If I try to walk, uh, I'm gonna pass out and just fall on the ground. All right? Okay. I'm drained. Drain. Think of like a bottle, maybe a bottle of water. And if the water is your level of energy and you pour all the water out, then it's drained out. Right? See if I can put it in the Kim. So as the water drains out, if the water is your energy, I'm drained. Your your body's a low, very low on energy. Right? And I'm fatigued. Fatigue has a good sense of physical. Like your body is very tired. You're exhausted. Your war note. All right, let's do Ah said I'm doing Says feeling sleepy. Sure. That's very similar, right? Very similar. All right, so let's do some pronunciation. And if you pronounce, if you do a pronunciation, put some apples in the comments and let me know that you guys are participating. I'm exhausted. I'm worn out. Oops. I'm sorry. I'm tired out. I'm worn out. I'm dog tired, and I'm just gonna pause for a moment if you notice my energy when I say I'm not just saying I'm exhausted I'm tired out. I'm trying to put the low energy in my voice how people would feel when they say these things. Okay, I'm ready to drop. I'm drained. Oh, work was so difficult today. I'm just drained. I don't think I can take any more. I'm fatigued. Okay, so I see lots of apples. Wonderful. That means you guys air doing pronunciation with me. Fabulous. Okay, so let's take a quick look through the pictures, okay? I think all of these pictures very well fit the sentence. I'm exhausted in all the rest. OK, so this guy, he's just had too much, and he's just, uh it's difficult for him even to hold up his head. He has to hold it in his hand. He's exhausted. This guy, he looks us. It looks like kind of early part of the day, but he's exhausted. Just too tiring, difficult. And these people, I would say it's very easy to see why they're exhausted. All right, when I'm gonna take a drink of water, Can you guys tell me in this picture right here? Why are these people exhausted? Why are they fatigued? Why are they worn out? You tell me in the comments. Uh huh. Okay, So this picture right here, all of the runners, Why are they exhausted? Why are they drained? I'm sure you guys know I'm just waiting for the comments to show up. It's looked a bending over. Uh, these people laying on the ground. Ah, Move. Ah! Let's see. Leila Meter says they're exercising. Yes, right. Saddam Danks. Because a lot of work, right? So they've been running and running. Bhaskar says they have been exercising, right? And they have numbers. It looks like and kind of running uniforms. So maybe they were racing each other. And now, at the end of the race there, like, huh? I can't take it. I'm dog tired. I'm ready to drop. And they did drop 1233 people dropped. Right. You'll this two cases after the training, they're exhausted. Right? So all of these here and I'm exhausted, could fit. We fit this situation very well. Okay. All right. Thanks for your comments. Wonderful. All right, let's go back to the conversation. We're making our way through. All right, So we didn't exhausted. But Ruth is many things. She's hungry, She's exhausted. She's a key. Let's talk about a key, and we're gonna make a full sentence. So Ruth could could have said, I feel a key. All right? So before I get to my list, can you guys tell me what does the word a key mean? And since Ruth is putting it with exhausted, hungry and really need to use a toilet, it's probably not a positive thing. So you guys tell me, what do you think a key means? Let's see, Mariaan De says, Hurt. I think that's going in the right direction. Yes. So let's see. I make the full sentence. Good to know how to say it in a full sentence. I feel a key. And if someone says that, they're probably not going to go, I feel a key. No, we're going to see a man. I feel a key, right? Okay. Yield is too gay. Says pain, right? Rmd says painful, right? Right. Okay, So you guys have an idea what a key is? I'm gonna give you some full sentences that they're short, but they still have the same idea for a key. OK, here we go. Let's see. So the 1st 1 I feel a key then you could say Mari body is sore. Okay, so sore if somewhere describing something as sore. My arm is sore. My elbow is sore. Maybe my head is sore. Someone banging. So it is pain. There is pain, It hurts. And the thing about a key is that a key is kind of a specific kind of pain. It's not like someone took a knife and stabbed. You write. That would be like a shooting pain. Like immediate pain. A key is kind of like a low level of pain, but it keeps going and going and going. So if your body is sore, you might not have liked pain that makes you scream. But you have pain. It just feels very uncomfortable. Okay. All right. Let's see Bhaskar Iand of me! This is my body is sore, right? Saddam? Deng says not feeling good, right? Not feeling well. Bhaskar, Your immediate. My knees are sore, right? The people up exactly This picture right here, this guy's probably saying off My knees were so sore. Okay, so here's another way. You could say I don't feel well and this one is kind of a broad one. You could have different meanings in different situations. But if we're talking about a key or if you're holding your body or your shoulder like, uh, you said, I don't feel well or like this guy right here He's rubbing his knees and he says, I don't feel well and the person he's talking to would probably know that his knees hurt or his knees or sore or he feels a key right? I can't get comfortable, all right? You say I can't get comfortable sometimes when we're sick or if we have maybe an injury from sports or something. It's like no matter how we sit or lay, it's just it's just not comfortable because we feel a key. We have, like a low level of pain, but it's enough pain to make us feel uncomfortable in whatever situation or ever position. We're sitting okay, lets see Saddam Deng says. What is the difference between good and well, well, well, they both mean good, right? So something is good. I feel good. I am Well, it just they're very similar, very similar. I'm not going to go too far because I need to stay focused on my lesson. But just keep in mind that good and well are very similar. Right? Okay. And there a positive thing. I feel good. I feel well, okay, I'd see the next one is more specific. Could save my back. Hurts all right. Like Bosco Yacht of Media. I've got pain in my lower back, right? And more specific. You could say my feet hurt and you could say any kind Any part of your body, right? My my head hurts. My nose hurts. My elbow hurts my toe hurts everything. Okay? So this guy, we kind of talked a little bit. His knees probably hurt. Probably sore. And he has, uh, what do you call it? Ah, any kind of like a knee brace, similar to a brace, but like a knee wrap to try to make it more comfortable. And this guy fits well for, um, let's see. This one fits well for, uh, um, lower back pain. Okay, Let's see Marin de well is adverb. Okay? All right. So we'll try to do Ah, quick explanation of good versus. Well, okay. They both have the same kind of positive vibes. Positive energy, right? But good is an adjective. So I feel good or I am good and well, works more as an adverb in an adverb, describes a verb or adjective. So if you say he jumps well, the action, the verb is jumps and we're saying he does it well and well is adverb that describes the verb you could say, Well, you would be understood to say he jumps good, but it's not quite correct. English people still use it all the time, though. But if you want to describe, how does he jump? How does he play? How does he run? How does she think? How does she study? You would say, Well, because, Well, as adverb. And it describes the verb, which is the now, which is the action for Okay, All right. Okay, you'll these two cases there is aching in my knees. There's an aching pain in my knees. All right, back to the conversation. All right, So, Ruth, you say silence is golden, but I'm hungry, exhausted a key and really need to use a toilet. And I think I need to use a toilet. I think in the comments before, let's see, someone said, Did uh where was it was? More ium, I think, she said. call of nature, right? I'm looking back through the comments. Okay? Another way to say need to use a toilet is you could see. Uh, you could say there's Or you could say nature is calling. Right? This is similar to I need to use a toilet. I have to use the bathroom. I need to I got to go. That's similar to use the toilet. Nature is calling. Okay. All right, let's move forward. Oh, now the conversation gets a little bit. A little bit. Ah, little bit violent. Okay. Bhaskar yet of media says I've got to go to boot, right? Even say number one or number two, depending on what you need to do in the bathroom. All right, so Mary says if you keep talking, I'm gonna take this chair and smack you over the head with it. Mm, very briefly and quickly gonna gonna stands for going to write. Going to would be the correct English, but what do we know about native English? Speakers and advanced speakers Don't speak correct English all the time. Right? So gonna is the same is going to and it's just easier to say. And especially since it looks like Mary is getting a little bit upset because he's talking about smacking Ruth and we'll talk about smack in a moment. But so she says, I'm gonna take this chair. So gonna is form or informal, right? It's very easy. English. Kind of. It's incorrect English, but everybody uses it, right? If you really want to be formal, then you can say going to you can practice this How much easier it is to say I'm going to smack you versus I'm going to smack you. I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna very quick. Okay? All right. So she says, Take this chair the chair right here and smack you over the head with it. All right, So let's talk a boat smack. And I think Mario M. D says to hit. Yes, an act of violence. Okay, so let's make a sentence. Ruth might have said I will smack you, but not with the fish, she said, with the chair. Okay. In the comments, you'll this to Gay says things going wild Things were getting crazy between Ruth and Mary. Such a peaceful picture, such a violent relationship. Okay, so I will smack you other ways to say I will smack you like a Merriam's said to hit. We made a full sentence and it's gonna be in the future because she's threatening her, right? She's saying, I'm going to do something bad to you. I will hit you with the chair. All right, let's see other ways I will similar. Not exactly the same. What similar? I will punch you. And if we say punch, we can think about boxing gloves like this or punch would be with a fist that's closed. You can see my hand. It's closed. It's not like an open hand like this. Ah, fist. That would be to punch right. If you say I will smack you, it could be punched. But it could also be with open hand like OK, but he's away. We have violent action. All right, let's see Saddam Deng says, Break up! You'll these two cases, I will beat you, Saddam. Deng says I will kick you right. Bosco, Yaddo says I'll knock you down, Saddam. Thanks. I will trash. You know why you guys are awesome and so violent. Okay, lets see. So I have I will punch. You can say I will slap you and slap is specifically going to be with an open hand. Like what? You slapped with an open hand. But you punch with a closed fist. So a slap and punch right? And I'm not going to hit myself, right? I will slap you. I will funk you thump is kind of informal, but think of like a hammer hunk funk. I'm gonna beat you up, right? I will strike you and strike here just means to hit right. And in the conversation, she's going to hit with the chair. I see. We have a question. Saddam Deng says, What is the difference between slap and thrash? All right, let me add it. First, I will thrash you. Okay, So slap could just be like one time one right on the face, one slap, maybe more slaps with which right? But a slap is it's not as violent as to thrash. If you thrash someone, you probably kicked them. You hit them, you beat them. Maybe use an object. And you, you know, you hit them with something, You really just mess them up, right? You beat them up. All right, That's thrash. Thrash is, like, very violent, very, very violent Okay. Slap is kind of like right, which is violent, too, but not as violent. Okay, so Tom Deng, excuse me. Apples and grapes who I like grapes to. Wonderful. Okay, so all of these things have in common. That is violence, right? Someone is trying to hurt someone else or communicate with them using violence right there . Different levels punch. All right, Hit could be the same thing. Hit, right? Or you could hit with your elbow. You could hit with your head, right? Slap is probably the least violent Here. It's open hand, right? That slap right and thump is pretty pretty violent strike. You know, I'm gonna strike you and Thrash thrashes pretty strong. Probably the strongest one here, because I'm really just gonna knock you apart. I'm gonna break you apart through you around and throw you in the dumpster, kick your ass. That would be thresh. Okay, so here we could say the lady is punching the guy, and the guy's like, uh right. And she was kind enough to put boxing gloves on here. It looks like this guy is slapping the other guys. Okay, you see a question, Mari? Um, how about to spank. Alright, Spank is usually with an open hand as well. And when we talk about spank, it's usually in this situation of like spanking a child, which in my book is still hitting a child. I don't like the hit, but I don't think that's acceptable. But the idea of spanking is that a child is something wrong and you spank them and Tuesday on the bottom on their but and to spank. So that's to spank. And it's usually with with an open hand. So it's similar to slap. Slap is like, usually to the face. Slap and spank is more like to their bottom to there, but right, let's see, uh, by scurry out of media, I would rather Roman reigns thrashed Brock Lesner. I think Brock Lesner is a famous wrestler. Okay, lets see you'll. These two gay slap is specific for women when they get pissed off with boys. All right, all right. And it can go both ways. Right? When I was a police officer, we get called between. People are fighting maybe a woman and her husband. And there I was surprised at how many women will hit their husbands as well and they hit each other, they slap each other and they hurt each other and crazy. Okay. All right. Mary M. D says thanks for the explanation. You're welcome. Hopefully, it was understandable. So down. Deng said W w E is fake. Totally. Okay, But you have to admit, they're in really good shape, right? They really good shape. Okay, let's stay focused here. Okay? So repeat after me and give me apples. If you repeat, I will smack you. I will hit you. I will punch you. I will slap you. I will thump you. I will strike you and the most powerful one I will thrash you thrashes a really violent, really violent. Okay. All right, so let's go back to our conversation. I see some apples. Great. That means you guys are doing pronunciation. Okay, So Mary Mary is not so kind. Who, if you keep talking, I'm gonna take this chair and smack you over the head with it. I'm gonna smash you over the head with it. I'm gonna hit you over the head with it. 7. Quiz & Review: Oh, are you guys ready for the quiz? Oh, all right. If you guys were ready for the quiz, give me some apples in the comments. We're going to see if you guys were listening. Were you paying attention? All right, if you're ready for the quiz, show me some apples. In the comments, read another comment. Layla Almeida says in this situation, the silence is golden. All right, Madam Deng gives me a lot of apples. I think he's ready for the quiz. All right. Let me just get set up here. Oh, yeah. Okay. All right, here we go. We're going to start with the quiz. And if you guys were here last time, I'm just gonna briefly explain what were going to do. There will be fought a five questions, five questions to test your knowledge. So I will read the question, and I will read the answer choices. And while I I'll give you some time and I will play music like this. Okay. Okay. And when the music stops, I will tell you the answer, and then we'll talk about it. Okay, here we go. Let me get my quiz ready. I'm gonna start right away once I showed on the screen. Here we go. Okay. Which answer is not a similar way to say Silence is golden. Here are your choices. Keep quiet. Don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut. Learn to act quickly. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Okay, so these are the choices. Which answer is not a similar way to say Silence is golden time for the music. Let's see. You can't quite see her. Let me see if I can zoom in Saddam. Deng says we're able unable to see. Zoom it, please. All right, give me just a moment. See if I can if I can do it. What did the doctor give me a moment? This is about as big as I can make it, but I will try to make it a little bit bigger. Just if you guys can be patient with me for a moment. Let's see if I can make it a little bit bigger. All right, give me just a sec. Thank you for letting me know that it's a little bit unclear. I will try to make it a little bit easier to see. All right. That's probably gonna be about the best I could do right now. All right, Let me just to just again. Okay. All right. Thanks for your patient. We're going to give. We'll give this a try. All right. Okay. So, uh, so we have some answers, okay? Yeah. And you guys can say a B, C, D or E. That's fine. All right. So which answer is not a similar way to say Silence is golden. All right. That that the thing. Let's check it right. This one is not a similar way to say Silence is golden. So that means everything else is a different way to say. Silence is golden. Keep quiet. Don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Let's take a look back at our what we studied. Silence is golden. It's all right here. Keep quiet. Don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Right. Okay, so it doesn't say anything. What? Learned to act quickly? That would kind of be the opposite instead of like, pause and be quiet has learned to act quickly. Would be moving, you know, taking action. Okay. All right, you guys. I see your answers in the comments. Okay, here we go. Let's go to question number two in the conversation picture. What was the time of day and location? Mm. Your choices are midnight at a local fruit market afternoon near the ocean Evening on top of a mountain morning in front of a lake, mid day in the middle of a city. So in the conversation picture, what was the time of day and location? Let's start the music. - Okay . All right. So in the conversation picture, what was the time of day and location? So we're talking about the Clark and their place, right? The setting, the time and location. And the answer is afternoon near the ocean. Right. Okay. So mid midnight in a local fruit market, no evening on top of a mountain, no morning in front of the lake. No lake has water, but we need an ocean mid day in the middle of a city. No, not so much. So let's go back and take a look at the picture to make sure we agree. All right, So if we look at the shadow, it's kind of long, which means that the sun is starting to go down a little bit, So it's afternoon and near the ocean. Okay. Well done, guys. All right, let's go back to the quiz. All right. Okay. Let's go to question. See Saddam doing? Says what we have to answer opposite or similar words? No, Just answer what the question says and two is the best answer. All right, so here we go. Question number three. Okay, I'll stay serious. Why was Mary upset with Ruth? Because Ruth was ruining the moment because Ruth was eating loudly because Ruth was blocking the view. Because Ruth smell bad because Ruth was whispering quietly. No. Why was Mary upset with Ruth? Time for the music. - Okay . All right. So why was Mary upset with Ruth? In other words, why was Mary a little bit angry? Well, maybe very, very angry if she's ready to grab a chair. So why was Mary upset with Ruth? Well, it was because Ruth was ruining the moment, right? She was obliterating the good energy she was destroying the good energy. All right, because Ruth was eating loudly. Maybe Ruth does eat loudly, but we don't know anything about that because Ruth was blocking the view. No, that can't work because Ruth was actually standing next to Mary, and she wasn't blocking Mary it all because Ruth smelled bad. It is possible. But, uh, that's not what they were talking about. And because Ruth was whispering quietly. No, not that didn't work either. Okay, so we can go back to the conversation and we can look and make sure answer makes sense. She was upset because you're obliterating this beautiful moment. You're just making things bad. Okay, so here we go. Let's go back to the quiz. All right, We're going to continue question number four of five. If I feel exhausted, I most likely want to climb a mountain, ride a bicycle, go to work, watch television, take a nap. - Okay , So the question is, if I feel exhausted, I most likely want to Which one is the answer, or do you guys think Oh, I see answers, right. Take a nap. Because I'm just physically tired. I need to recharge my batteries. If you think of your body like a cell phone, you need to charge your cell phone, right? Cause it's low on battery. We needed to recharge our body energy, so take a nap. Okay. So exhausted Let's take a look where we talked about. Exhausted. Here we are. I'm exhausted. I'm tired out. I'm worn out. I'm dog tired. I'm ready to drop. I'm drained. I'm fatigued. Mm. Okay, So the answer was take a nap because exhausted means to feel really tired, right? Physically tired. Fatigued. Okay, it's time for question number five. Here we go. Mary threatened to do what? To Ruth. Slap her on the cheek, pull her hair and yell at her, get her with the chair smacker with a book or kick her with a huge boot. What do you think? - Okay . Oh, right. So what do you guys think? Mary threatened to do what to truth and threatened means that she's kind off starting to promise that she's gonna hurt her. Right? So she's giving out signals, information that she's going to hurt her. Right? All right, let's cease. Let's see, Someone says, repeat who? Repeat, But you guys can see it, right? And see, so, repeat, please. Okay. Well, we can repeat this. I'll wait for the to give the answer a little bit. So Mary threatened to do what to Ruth. In other words, Mary started talking about doing? What? What was she going to do to Ruth? All right. And the choices are slap her on the cheek, pulled her hair and yell at her. Kid her with the chair smacker with the book or kick her with a huge boot. All right, Okay, so I'm going to give my answer in 54321 All right. The answer is hit her with the chair because Mary is an evil woman. All right, let's take a look at the conversation. Make sure that it is what I'm saying. Okay. So, Mary, towards the end of the conversation, if you keep talking, I'm gonna take this chair and smack you book over the head with it. Okay? So let's take a look at our answer choices. Okay? So slap her on the cheek. Doesn't work because we talked about slap. And if you if you're using a chair to hit someone, you're not using your hand, right? Using the chair. Okay. Pull her hair and yell at her. She might have the urge to do that, but it didn't say anything about that in the conversation smacker with the book. Now she's not going to smack her with the book. She's gonna smack her with a chair, right? And kick her with the huge boot. No, I didn't talk about that either, but it did talk about using violence, physical violence against her by hitting her, smacking her with the chair. Okay. Oh, right. So how did you guys do on the quiz? Five questions. And how did you guys do? All right, Hopefully we were able to read the questions. Okay. I tried to zoom out a little bit and thank you to whoever had said that it was difficult to see. Thank you for letting me know. I think I made it a little bit easier to see. Okay, so we did a lot today. All right. Let's just quickly take a quick review of what we did today. We talked about the idiom. We did it with example conversation as well. We talked about get fired, ugly. We talked about this picture. Peaceful picture with violent women, violent people. All right, we summarize the picture and we did a conversation to contemplate. We talked about Silence is golden to obliterate. I'm exhausted. I feel a key and I will smack you. And of course. We took a quiz. You guys did great. Okay, so let's check and see if we did what I promised that we were going to do with the beginning. So did we talk about a medium? I think we did. All right, we get the red check. Did we use a picture and the idiom to create a conversation? Well, yes, we did. Then we use pictures to explain vocabulary and phrases in the conversation. All right? And we give you other ways to say that the phrases and words as well. And of course, we tested you with the quiz, and hopefully we improved your English. Okay. All right. So that is it for today. I am Michael from Eva Lingo. And this is my daughter Chloe. Probably see us on Instagram. So that is it for today. I will say one thing. I'll say, master your idioms in Master. Your English. Okay. All right. Well, thank everyone for staying here and participated in the lesson. Your comments really help out. Really helps out a lot so we can get an idea what you want to learn what you want to know? Okay, let's see. Uh, well, this to gaze is a 1,000,000 times. Thank you, sir. We're waiting you with new idioms. You're waiting for me with new idioms through and maybe more peaceful conversations. Okay. All right. Let me just, uh little Almeida says yes. Okay. Last guy says thank you so much. Let me put in a comment to you guys to finish up the lesson. Let's see. Thank you. Exclamation. Might I had a wonderful Sabulis Incredible time. Thanks so much. Here we go. Okay. Thank you. I had a wonderful, fabulous, incredible time. Thanks so much. Okay, well, that's it for today. And today is Monday. So I will be live on Instagram on Wednesday and then live Begin on YouTube on Thursday, so OK, All right. Take care, everyone and thank you very much for participated in this lesson. All right, see you later.