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sew and quilt a charming centerpiece - a diy project

Brooke Sellmann, quilt designer, blogger

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8 Videos (17m)
    • intro video

    • fabric prep

    • arranging fabric pieces

    • arranging fabric pairs

    • sewing top together

    • quilting centerpiece

    • binding centerpiece

    • closing video


About This Class

Using 2.5 inch charm squares or 2.5 inch strips, and some background fabric, we will make a charming centerpiece.  We will talk a bit about color placement and basic piecing skills.  This project still uses precut fabrics.  I will also cover quilting and binding techniques.  

Once again, there is a handout to use.

Let's get started!

Here is an outline of our class...


fabric prep

layout centerpiece

sew centerpiece together

quilt centerpiece

bind centerpiece

finished centerpiece





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Brooke Sellmann

quilt designer, blogger

Welcome! Fresh and Fun is the focus for Silly Mama Quilts of which I am the owner. This shop and blog was born out of a difficult time in my life when my brother passed away 7+ years ago. As a way to shower his wife and children with love, I made quilts and quilted projects. I so enjoyed working with fabrics and colors that they liked and were outside my comfort zone. I then became passionate about creating fun and fresh projects. The wide variety of fabrics and designers makes this an amazi...

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