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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction to gameshow

    • 2. 1.1 - what you can expect using gameshow

    • 3. 1.2 - onboarding and streaming targets

    • 4. 1.3 - setting up and branding your channel

    • 5. 1.4 - setting up and using the nightbot

    • 6. 1.5 - streaming to advertise yourself

    • 7. 1.6 - take the project, where you game at?

    • 8. 1.7 - the roundup

    • 9. 1.8 - share, retweet and engage!

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About This Class


so you want to start game streaming using you mac right? awesome.

this course will give you the fundementals you will need to get everything up and running to get started. you'll need more time to do something more custom and i'll be doing a longer course on a different platform for that (including some free layout downloads for those wanting to customize the hud display!)

in this course we will be using gameshow, i trimmed down version of wirecast for the bargain price of only £26. i'm not really sure how they are doing it but it shows you the markup on wirecast. it's got a lot of the features that obs has (which is free) but it's using the wirecast platform underneath. it's a pretty rock solid product with regular updates.

you will be able to. ..

  • setup your sources and streaming to youtube
  • customize the overlay as you wish
  • have a screencast walk around of the controls that are available
  • quick look at twitchalerts
  • quick look at nightbot for your youtube channel

i hope you find this useful ;)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - introduction to gameshow: Okay, Today's course is about game shows. I'm gonna learn how to stream your screen, your gain, your particular game to twitch TV or YouTube using gay £26 piece of software that effectively is y cast the underneath on talk about setting up the game show for streaming Gonna show you how to customize the layout for your branding and your show. We're gonna be using bots in the chat room to engage the chat room for people who are chatting. They're having a conversation and also do some spam protections that people can't flood the channel while you're playing your game. I'm also gonna briefly touch on streaming what you game so advertising and extra views that you can get after your working day. Normally, you just be gaming on your own. Why not stream that out? Might create yourself a Templar Putting some of your marketing material. Samuel Brand. Maybe you can earn a little bit of extra income on the side from doing your live stream, so let's get into the course 2. 1.1 - what you can expect using gameshow: so game show is really Y cast stripped down underneath at a bargain price Y cast is around 203 £100. I think it is for the basic version, and it does give you more features. But actually just for streaming this £26 version of it makes a lot more sense for your younger teenagers or people who were a streaming for the first time. They don't have to £300 for a streaming priest of software, 25 £26 is really in the ballpark where they've got money for that. So I think they're probably going out of a juice subsidized rate from Tell a stream in the hope that they can get gamers worldwide to use their software, though there is a lot of hard about options out there in the world as well. So this has similar layers support. It's the lowest CPU usage, and it also has Twitter alerts built in which we kind of get onto later on. But twitch alerts allows you to do a lot of the automating the automatic stuff that goes on when people are subscribing or donating, so you don't have to worry about that stuff. You can just carry on with your gaming, and you get push notifications effectively on the screen while you're gaming to notify you that things have happened in the background. So it's really useful feature toe have baked into the software that you use so you can game and stream and record that local if you want. You can all blow that. If you're streaming to twitch, for instance, you can upload that clip to YouTube for later on. Maybe get some. Get some views from that content from people watching it back in the recorded version, and you can also engage with the remote audience with embedded chat. So that's one of the nice features are like About Game Show is that I can literally click on a layer, set up a chat, and it automatically pulls in using my i D for twitch or YouTube, a chat layer, which I could just read the chat as an playing my game on my second screen. So it's a really easy way of keeping up to date with the audience is also really easy to set up a donor widget for people to donate. Why you're playing so maybe you have a donation drive way. You're trying to buy a new microphone or trying to buy new equipment, and you have a regular group of people come in tow. What you play to converse with you just to interact with you. And I've seen it happen myself with people have got thousands, even hundreds of thousands of viewers. There is people actively dropping a dollar or $5 or $10 while somebody is just playing a game for a couple of hours, and it fascinates me why this actually happens. And I think it's just to empower that person to maintain the stream. To keep the stream up, to pay for their hosting services, to pay for their time and effectively is started to turn into, almost like a full time job to be a online streaming, streaming, effectively, life casting your life Online gamers, who are particularly well ranked andare well followed to have a big audience development from doing it are renew Marais tid by people giving them donations, which is random to me. But it does exist, so if you're planning to stream full time on something like twitch, what I would recommend is that you go out by VPN a virtual private network package with one of the gaming companies or somebody like express VPN because you're going to need it. I've noticed and I've read a few blood particles that people tend to get DOS attack, which is denial of service attack on twitch, knocking you off line, crashing your software. So you probably want to get virtual private network interface so that you go through a biggest server that has more capacity, got less chance again, knocked off, and that means you're streams going to stay up longer and obviously have less issues with it. At the end of the day, you want to do a live stream. Where does it doesn't take too much to maintain it. It could be part of your leisure activities after work, for instance, just to play the game and the software runs in the background. That's kind of how you want it. But if you're gonna do this full time, I would really recommend purchasing a VPN package 3. 1.2 - onboarding and streaming targets: you have two options at the start of game show, new document or recent documents, Caesar, the themes or the layouts that I've already done, but I'm gonna go through it, is if you're a brand new user, you get to select from different areas. I've added this Templar in for World of Tanks. It's a game I play, but you do get the template layout, defaults of the bomb. Here. I'm going to select a game and Cam, and then we click on next and then instantly. What you find is that you've got three options. The stream to about a look into this as well in game show, and you're only allowed three destinations twitch YouTube, gaming on hit box. Whereas if you have the full version of something like Y, cast you constrained to lots of different destinations and even put in a custom are tee pee stream Streaming server so straightforward putting the gaming title select this encoder X 264 or Apple 264 Whichever way you want to use it, I kind of just leave the defaults. I stream in 7 20 p right now because I'm running on four G and I tend to use the U. K London server. I've noticed that when I'm streaming on Twitter, it's probably best to use a VPN because you can get knocked off. You're doing life Dream on Twitter bit of research, and it seems that they do have a lot of people dots attacking. That is denial of service attacking people who are streaming on that service. YouTube Gaming is a little bit more resilient than a stream from I'm gonna do on my computer. Or is it gonna be on the console it if if it's from a console that I have to slit my import , this would be normally a capture card, and then the camera is straightforward, setting up the camera new microphone that you're actually going to use. Game process is going to be world of tanks, but it's not listed in accent Not running. But you would have your game that's running in the background. Probably best to have your game running before you fire this up actually set you up straight away. Your cost to twitch, to authorize your account, to make sure you have Internet. Once you've authorized with your Twitter account, you are straight in and you are able to stream. So it's a really nice on boarding process. Very straightforward. Onda, as you can see here, it's pulled in my details because I already got my authentication from my other theme. So it's finding my user name of team humble, so straightforward to actually get it set up. I'll quickly show you just shut this down. I'm not going to save this. And I'm gonna slit recent documents and we quickly show you. So this is mine. All set ready to go. I'm gonna get into this a little bit more in the next clip. 4. 1.3 - setting up and branding your channel: next part is setting up and branding your channel. You've got it all set up and authorized with your output. So we're going to twitch on this particular one you see here in a stream setting, says Twitch, to use the name. It's all ready to go when you hit this button here. That means you're streaming to that twitch location. The on boarding is very, very quick. You just select between hip box YouTube or twitch the way I've set things up on here. I'm gonna go through it bit by bit. If I turn this off of the bottom here, you'll see that this this one at the very bottom is the game in camp. Now, if you go through the on boarding templates startup, you will see that you can automatically sell the game in the camp and what I've got there is just this screen in the in the middle is my gaming. I've actually turned the come off, so it's probably a good idea for me to rename. Actually, that is my gaming screen. So whenever I'm I'm running my game. If I just fire up world off tanks in the background and switched back what you'll see is my game actually fits into that window. If I move that around, you can see that the game sits inside of there. So just do undo will move back to where it was before. So that's the game part. So that's the bit I see on Defy. Have my other screen on that. I can see all of this on the other screen just by goto output and selecting external display outputs. There's none available cause I don't have it switched on at the moment. But if I did, then all of this would appear in near the window. This is what it would look like on the other window. You can see various things happening up here. These are moving lates donation. I'm gonna get into all of that. Just turned that game off. Otherwise I will be playing it. Just quit Jim back to a single view. Bring this across this still, but this is a little bit confusing here. This little button that opens and closes the left and right here that this is a totally different layout from wire cast. Actually, I'm not quite sure why they're gone this way, and it could be a little bit confusing if you're white cashews, but I got up to speed probably in about 1/2 a day or so. So that was my cat. That's my game view that one of the bottom that I've moved on to. Twitter alerts. You'll see. It's just got a yellow outline, that's where on my screen the Twitter alerts are going to appear now. I put it in the middle of this cause that's my gaming window. I'm not gonna get into Twitter alerts too much right now, But whenever anybody, I jumped through to the last option here. When anybody either follows, subscribes, donates or hosts over on twitch, then it will appear as I pop up through Twitter alerts and I'm gonna get into Twitter alerts a little bit later on also talking about night. But that's where I'm gonna display it. So the things that happened in the background from Twitter loads will display in there. We move up a little bit. This is one of the important parts of theme in your stream. Fuel for your particular show is that you know this. This is called Backer. If I turn it off, you'll notice that all of the graphics around the edges disappear so much like an overlay. Now what I've done is all I've created is a 1920 by 10 80 Hate decides graphic, and then I've cut out various areas, almost made them transparent in different areas. This area at the top, thes bits where the actual screen goes and then everything to do with my social links along the bottom are all actually on the theme, so you could make multiple ones of these for the different games that you play. That's kind of our people make themes. You also can export this as a as a game template for go to file exporters game templates. And once you've made the look and feel actually export that for safe, for instance, the game I play world of tanks and people can import it and use that template system. I've got a little slide show that happens appear at the top. This is kind of an interesting feature off using game shows that you can use different bits of media. So this is just a video clip that I've made in Kino on ditz. It's a slide show off the various courses that I make on skill sets a while y number playing might as well have my courses sliding by now. Whatever what I have realized after doing get it, it's a little bit pixelated. The edges look a little bit rough and ready. That's because I'm scaling it down into that corner. So really, I really need to make that at the native resolution and stitch it all together. But it's a bit of a rush job on what I've got is five my courses, kind of cycling by. And then it gives you the link to actually go for the courses. And while I'm playing a game of March will advertise the stuff that I do with the rest of my day rest of my time. So that's that. That's kind of an interesting one, because you could advertise anything you want at the top there, and I'm gonna get into that later on it. Now, this one is one that really stumped me for a while, system audio captured. So you want to capture the audio from your game, and the way to do this is that I couldn't find anywhere on this that actually should you think it would be in this volume setting? But this didn't I didn't do anything he didn't show me in the audio, says System Audio Capture and the Channel. But actually where it wasif Far right click on this shot and do a change audio. This was on ticked, so you'll see what happens if I just click on this. It's not very obvious, but if I got to change the audio, you can see that there's no tick next to it now. So there's no audio capture and took me a while to find this. But by clicking on that, it basically means it captures all the system wide audio that will play the audio from your game and make sure that you double check on that. Because this this audio setting that I've got in here, this setting to capture the audio system audio capture didn't didn't show up. Transmit the audio, which was a bit of a pain, a little bit of an audiophile playing in the background quite low, just as a little bit of a background music from one and playing going between menus. You could change that Teoh an external source, or I've seen people actually have playlists that playing the background. What kind of work that out yet which alerts? I've got the chat. So as people chatting on twitch, which I can actually show you if I just fire up my browser. So you see, it's like cut out the area here and you do all the settings for the styling of this over on Twitter alerts. And then if you log into dialogue into streamlines, I don't want overly confuse you with this because I'm going to get into this in the next couple of lectures. But basically all your settings for your chatter inside there. So if I go into chat box here stream widgets chat box, you can change all the settings and colors and styling. The themes are here, and I've got it set on the box at the moment. So if I put into here, this is a test off shops on game show my press return on there, you'll see that it appears here and then low on pops up another one yet, and it moves it up and then gradually you'll see that that yellow box area they'll move within that box area. You can set it to disappear or vanish, etcetera. Game show is natively got twitch alerts built in, which I think is really, really called for a 29 bucks piece of software. You know, it's like £26 UK for a streaming piece of software to stream your games, and I think they're doing that to go after the game is market. You don't want to spend huge amounts of money on something like Y cast. This is kind of a trimmed down version of that and then above that, I have three different areas. You can see that I've got them here. The latest subscriber latest follower Latest donation. So when people donate and top donation and people can donate inside of your channel, so one of things that we're gonna get into it is a thing called Night box, which you activate by doing shift in one on commands gives you a list of commands that you get to. I'm gonna get into this about night, but in a few lectures time. But these are the commands that people can run in this channel, which gives them various information like donating, for instance, What this does is it aggregate some text files using a thing called stream labels, which again, like I say, we'll get onto soon. But it pulls in the text from every time somebody either donates or somebody signs up or somebody follows you. Is that when you're playing the game, if you have this out, put it onto your external monitor. You can see when somebody's following you. Somebody's donated. So the really, really neat little feature Simpson powerful one and then at the top. Here, I've got my Webcam, which you can kind of see me. I'm hearing about Great out, but that is my teeth. My theme, my style. You could apply this for a small business, a food show. It doesn't necessarily necessarily have to be gaming. You could do this for book review site. You could, you could literally. Your possibilities are endless in terms of your imagination. Whatever you can design layout wise, you can have your imports. You can have more than one video input on here, for instance, which would be quite cool. That's it for this setting up on customizing. If you're going questions, leave me a message in the projects and I will get back to you 5. 1.4 - setting up and using the nightbot: so that night. But I'm going to quickly go over this because I want to. Over on the last lecture, Night Boss is available at beater dot night bought dot TV. It's a chat bar for twitch and YouTube that allows you to automate your life streams, chat with moderation and new features. Now, if you're gonna be doing a regular life stream, something like this bought sitting inside your channel is gonna be really useful for you because it can moderate anybody you spamming using capsules, swearing things like that. You can also set commands that people can type if they constantly asking questions in the chatter. Wary? Where you from? Where are you? On Twitter? Where's your YouTube channel? Had or subscribe? Donate things like that. You can set various commands inside of night bots. I've set up some custom ones here for donations, finding pictures, finding video, finding my skill share courses on my Twitter account, basically takes out or takes a lot of that management that you would normally do. And all it is is that you invite the night bots spot to your channel. You give it moderator access and then basically, as people are using your channel as you become more popular. A stream online. As you can see, I'm relatively new to twitch as you become more popular. As you get more people in that chap box, it's gonna get quite unruly really quick. And instead of managing the chat, you want to actually just carry on gaming. That's the whole thing that you're doing is you're playing your game, but you're streaming out to the Web, so it kind of micro manages some of the moderation and admin that you would normally have to do in the chat. Normally, when you're doing a live stream event, you'd have one person looking after the jar interacting with the remote audience and then somebody actually doing the filming of the event or actually setting up the camera, making sure everything was all right on that site. So having a bought having another person sitting into your chat room, doing some of this work is really, really useful is really straightforward. To use Andi, it doesn't cost anything to use. It's also got a variety of different integrations in their taken integrated with discord, which is a voice server stream tip for taking donation moxie which is like a alert system for all things spam protection timers. You can even do song requests in there on it. Like I said, it's absolutely free, and it just joined your channel. Just sits in your channel, helping other people who know the commands who do this sort of shift one commands to find out what the commands are of the body, and they can interact with you that way without taking you off your gaming. 6. 1.5 - streaming to advertise yourself: streaming What you game advertising and extra views, adding to your existing audience. What it got me thinking about WAAS trying to explain to you how it can use live streaming in your leisure time in your active. After you finish your work, your 95 maybe come back home and you play games Well, we've all got reasonably fast Internet connections Now. There's no reason why you can't run one of these little programs with 25 £26 like game show. Build a theme which is branded to your company and stream your gaming. You don't necessarily have to be a pro gamer to stream. You can still have a conversation with a engaged or semi engaged audience on the other and maybe have somebody to monitor the chap. But I wanted to show you that you could market yourself at the same time. So if we're gonna look at YouTube gaming, you'll see that there's a huge amount of people on there right now that are just streaming live. It's 53 people just watching this guy playing it, effectively playing a game. But every time he's getting people watch him playing games, he gets views when he gets views, gets advertisers advertise on the top of his videos and also that stream live video gets saved as a video file that people can watch back later. Honest, you bring your awareness that game. YouTube has actually got a dedicated gaming channel now gaming dot youtube dot com and there's a variety of different game was on there playing a variety of different games, different channels, and there's a huge amount of people playing. For instance, there's 585 people that are alive right now just streaming my craft plane. My craft. If you had told me as a kid as a teenager that you could actually get paid for playing games, I would have laughed all the way down the street. But that is effectively. What we've got these days is that there is people making audiences with massive audiences. Here's something that was just one day ago, concentrating on Minecraft kingdoms 190,000 views that's making that person money from the advertising. I don't necessarily know how much it is, but it's probably enough to bring in a monthly amount to level now. Another thing that I wanted to make your well is that Amazon, with Amazon's prime, recently updated it. So for 7 99 a pound of months of the going for that sort of low income teenage money pocket money kind of thing, a pound a month for Amazon Prime is that amending the 79 £99 a month to get Amazon prime paid monthly. They've got a new element in there called twitch Prime bonus game content, with which every month exclusive discounts for slows more so you get prime memberships. Collusive discount on every new release and preorder box video game. Also receive ad free viewing on a twitch channel subscription every month to support your favorite streamers and no additional charge. So it's a really interesting move by Amazon to give this extra offer for the twitch gamers instead of you paying for turbo, which is an additional fee, I think it was 6 99 over on Twitch. You get that now free of charge so you can kind of get rough idea where this is going to. Another thing that I would want to show you is that is a whole bunch of games over on steam , steam powered. If you can play the game on your system than you can capture it. You can put it inside a game show. But if you worried about if any of these titles are DRM free, that basically means can you re broadcast that stuff? There's also a service called gog g o g dot com, just full of old school retro games, but also games that are DRM free to. They want people to see him, and they're really low price. So you condone effectively by a brand new game every day or every week if you wanted and played that on YouTube and stream that our engage with people at the same time. So while you're playing with the game, you can people who are sitting on the side watching the live stream, but you can engage with them on the chats. You can have your advertising running. I just think this is, Ah, nice side method, keeping the audience attention after the sort of 95 work area. And if this is your leisure activity of playing games, then there's no reason why you can't stream that same time. Just a few ideas, therefore, marketing your stream and reasons why you should stream is that was slowly moving to this kind of on demand. The world where Internet connection is running all the time and you can use it for different things, one of them being leisure and gaming and earning money at the same time, which is something kind of unprecedented. If you need toe, look into a bit more and find out what I'm on about. Gonna have a look at gaming dot youtube dot com and have a look at the amount off gamers streamers that are just streaming for 678 hours a day and getting donations from people. Create a conversation in something interesting for the viewer. What, on that view feels like they want to support that streamer with new hardware or software or paying for the idea cell bill, whatever it may be donated. People actually get something on screen to say that they've donated, so it's kind of a two way street. Interactive's of the more people that build upon audience here, the more chance they have got another income stream, another kind of active residual stream coming in as well from YouTube 7. 1.6 - take the project, where you game at?: All right then, said the five step project. Go to your project in the bar below. Partner Awesome Project Title in the project Works based. Be creative. Tell me what games you're playing way. You're doing it over on Twitter on YouTube. Include a picture. If you don't have one, go over to Nomad pictures. Get a pitch from their for free click, save sweet and you're done. But do interact with the projects. It gives me an idea of who the game is, are in the audience. And if you have any questions, specific queries about how to use game show how to stream what packages, what software you're able to stream. Just leave me a little noted now and I'll get back to you. 8. 1.7 - the roundup: All right, then. So in the round up we took a look at how to set up game show for streaming to twitch TV, have the overlays and even collected donations. I kind of slightly touched on the ability to also save that content locally on what I mean by that is you can be streaming live. But also save that local copy for bloating onto another service may be put onto YouTube or later. Event. Took a brief look at the night bots, which is a baht which sits moderated on your chat channel on twitch or YouTube, and that box could be used to report on a variety of things. But bam protection certain commands that people can run while you're playing. You're going to find out information. Find a lot of people sitting in your chat channel asking questions. The box can do a lot of that work. So finally, if you have already got a channel, you're thinking of starting one. Please do share your logo, your your channel, your details, your u R l what games you're gonna play. Any issues that you might be having maybe a little bit confused about what software to run on what? Hardware to run. Do you leave me a message? We'll get back to you. Thanks for taking part in the course, and I'll see you see? 9. 1.8 - share, retweet and engage!: while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.