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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Modules

    • 2. Pip installer module


    • 4. Congratulations

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So, What you waiting for Let start Learning Python with me and join our Code Dev Team, I'm waiting for you in the first video lecture of this Course.

!!!!!Happy Coding!!!!!

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1. Modules: All right, now, in this video, we are going to make a model. So what are the models? Not the models are the libraries and libraries or the collection of functions. I'm gonna make a simple calculator, death, having an addition subtraction, multiplication and division function. So this is my model, and I can download this model into my PC, and I can use them whenever we want to use in the program. Or you can upload the model on the Internet, and other programmers will take benefit off your marvel by dahling it and use them or import them in their program. So let's start learning and clear concept about how to use models. Okay, I'm gonna make a simple Catherine functions. So the 1st 1 will be deaf ad, and now in this at I'm gonna need some variable. So let's suppose to verbal I needed So I'm gonna add someone and then number two, right? Okay. Now, week An indentation. Now, in this indentation on a print statement, and we're gonna print out for the addition, right? So numb one plus number two. Okay, so let's make another function which will do subtraction. And also I need number one and number indentation and prince segment will in toward someone Minus. Okay, let's speed or recording bar just coping and pasting, Bobby. All right, this will be the multiplication. All right, This one of the division. Okay, I could a four different functions. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Right. That's controlled us now. I saved my program. Okay, so this is over program with the name of the P Y has changed. You kill. All right. Okay, that's copy it and go to your main folder, which is including your name. Right. So in this mean for you can go to your Abdullah and this avatar, we go to the local and in the local find the programs. Now, in this programs we have fighting folder. Despite folder you have binding 37 becomes using biting three right now. So Okay, so now we go into the library folder, okay. Library for include all the models mean all the libraries that pre included into the biting . Okay, now pissed your Moldable here. Now you included a calculator mortal into the beytin. All right, so let's go to work. Biting. Okay, so in the beytin dark p y we gonna print out or mortal. Okay, I'm gonna import later. All right, So this import function is used in poured the libraries or models. Okay, so I just import the cab later. Now, I'm gonna use a don addition to access my more will functionality. So the calculator dot know which function want to use is Let's suppose I want to use a multiplication function. So with the help of the documentation, I can access the multiply function into the from the cabin later. Okay, So add more. And in the small, we need to add two hurdles. Right. So we add three and true. Okay, so control s and let's see the result. Okay, we get six. So this is how you can use models or libraries in you're parts and programming language. Okay. I hope you like this loss and you know how to use 2. Pip installer module: all right. Now, in this video, we are going to learn about the pit moral installer? No. So why we use the pick moralist role in the beytin? So the pit moral installer are used to download and install the bite and library package. So these are some library packages dining to be installed on your computer. If you don't from get hug, you will feel some difficulty to install them. So the pip is used to install you bite in package by Tillery package easily on your computer. So let us start learning how to use a pick. Martin Stolar. Okay, let's go to a group Crom first. Okay, I opened a pip installer website, which is a p y t i dot org. And in this map side, you can search every bite in libraries. Okay, I'm going to search a famous library, which is the non pie. That's my favorites. Very, very favorite and hit answer. You see, so many years old there are so many versions of non pipe. So the 1st 1 is a really immersion which created by the different authors and now in this function, how we can use it. So just corporatist link. OK, open your come on prom. And now in this command from this type bites him and now minus and offer the minus. AM Just pasted up Pip. Install numb pie. Okay and hit. Enter. Once you hit, enter the bites and automatically go to the website and install the pip install number so you can see that it's start downloading the package and it's going stolen. It's take some time, all normal. So I already down with an empire in solution in my computers. So it's saying men requirement all recertified, numb pies already present in my fight and folder So but if you don't have no umpire, download and install it automatically. So I hope you understand how to use a pip install. 3. Comments: Welcome back again. And in this video, we're going to learn about the comments. Now, the comments in python programming language is used as a documentation. Okay, I'm gonna give you a simple example to understand these Commons. Suppose you buy a smartphone this morning, maybe android or IOS. And after buying, you opened your boss and get your phone out. And but you don't know how to use a smartphone. So you opened both again. You get documentation boat. Now, this documentation tell you that how to use your phone? What are the functionality and ex cetera? Right. So similar. In the case of the comments, the Commons tell yourself or any other programmers who want to mortify cord. So let's take a simple example. Okay? I write a simple Jarvis working one court here and in this court, it will convert the Texas weed competition. Right. So I any some commons here Commons telling me dad it sent libraries in poor section and this is the Texas Beach congregation and journaling according. And the start of the A chord is from this 26 line number, right? So it's very helpful. But after three years, many opening core But if you don't add comments in it and you don't know what is happening in the court, right, So the comments are helpful to understand the court and what you read in the court, right? So this is why the Commons are helpful in the bottom programming language. Okay, Now let's talk about how we can add comments in or biting programming court. So to add calmer is we use a number sign and offered the number sign. You need to add your comment. That suppose I'm gonna add. This is my comic, right? Control s and let's see the results. Okay, we get nothing. Why? Because beytin always ignored the comments by all this. Ignore this number. That's mean number Sign is always ignored by the beytin. So whatever you're doing in the comment in never show on the console supreme. All right, so let's suppose you want to add a multiple line comment. You can know Adam multiple line common with the help of the number sign, you need to add our triple court. Now the triple core will help you to ride your multiple line commence. So in this triple court on writing a multiple line This is multiple line court. Okay, close it and see the result. Okay, We get nothing right now. So this is how you can use bites and commence in Brighton programming language. All right. So I will see you in the next loss and keep practising it and happy, according 4. Congratulations: all right, Conrad. Coalitions, Because you read the end of this course, I'm really up treated almost students that read the end of this course. I know that some of the Flosses must be bored, but I really accurate that you take all the classes and be the course. So this is the big no record that you completed. And now worse. Next, what is your plan for the next? So fighting big records has completed. Now you have a step onto the advance course at Vons cords have much more bigger than this big records, because include that assigns our intelligence and discipline into different fields. You have a I dead assigned dist and you can be, ah, Web app dropper. And also you can reps crapper in and hacker also. So these are the themes for you offered this taking this course All right. Okay. Other why you can do jobs. You can go to the job company because beytin offers a huge salary for the fighting developers. And also you can do freelancing on the famous backside like fiber and freelancer. Also top two people before and my most favorite cord mentor now the Corman, towards different from these free landing side corner mentor, its side where you can teach other students courted it don't like the unity just helping the student on their Simon's and other courting problems. So you can also be a core mentor of someone. All right, so these are the health with tubes for your future. You can do freelancing job, and you're gonna also go into the bigger at bones claws, which will help you do pull your skills and higher the skills. Hired the job. Salary right, So enjoy. And don't forget to give reading and I will meet you in the next court, maybe up by tonight von scores or any of the programming Fords or any graphic designing course, so take care and good bye.