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quick computer skills to teach your kids

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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8 Videos (14m)
    • 1.0 - introduction to digital tools for kids

    • 1.1 - hardware to learn with your kids

    • 1.2 - let's learn some coding together

    • 1.3 - talking about money with our kids

    • 1.4 - lessons for kids to understand data

    • 1.5 - take part in the project, say hi

    • 1.6 - the roundup

    • 1.7 - share, review and go premium?


About This Class


I think this will be the first of many courses like this for the kids in our lives.

I'm concerned daily about how my daughter will work in this ever-changing digital landscape. she needs to be informed and prepared and able to adapt quickly to change. she will have many jobs, many hats to wear and she needs to understand what she is interacting with, who they are, where they are, how to keep safe online and a variety of other things that are unfolding as we speak with ar, ai and vr technologies.

it's all a bit scary really for a parent. we kinda hope it just sorts itself out but the truth is the more informed she can be in how she works with technology the easier I hope her life can be.

in this course.. .

  • wanted to make a course that i could work through my own daughter
  • some ideas of software, kits & things we should be playing with for 2017
  • programming languages and study for children at home and school
  • platforms to learn about money and finance and banking
  • data, devices & geolocation - educating kids about smart devices

please consider going premium with my link below. . it costs only 0.99 for three months premium access and supports the other premium instructors as well as me! :)






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Philip 'dm' Campbell

Decentralised Your Life

I'm Phil (and this is my lovely daughter) from England and I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!

an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and cov...

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