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practitioner guide to setup periscope producer

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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10 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction to periscope producer

    • 2. 1.1 - quickstart guide and settings

    • 3. 1.2 - benefit of using the periscope platform

    • 4. 1.3 - screencast for wirecast/obs settings

    • 5. 1.3a - settings on ipad for periscope

    • 6. 1.4 - the start, middle and the end of a show

    • 7. 1.5 - using shortlinks for instream

    • 8. 1.6 - take part in the project

    • 9. 1.7 - the roundup

    • 10. 1.8 - review, do project and share (...)


About This Class


remember periscope?

i streamed this course on periscope using this course! - - something i'm considering building on for my courses in general ;)

the live streaming app that killed of meerkat and got lots of people fired up about live video streaming even thou it had been out in similar format ten years previous? - that's right, that live streaming video!

well, they have opened the doors up to the backend of periscope to allow people who stream from desktop or other rtmp locations (portable teradek boxes on dslrs for instance) to connect in and stream. pretty cool. maybe the numbers or down or it's a competition against facebook live, either way it's good all around for everyone.

i made a course how to get going with this, some tips and why you should give it a go if your a live streamer - what you can find in the course. . ..

  • signing up with the email address you use for twitter
  • setting up wirecast/obs streaming
  • why periscope producer could be better to stream to than other places
  • recording your stream for posting elsewhere later
  • ideas for regular daily/weekly periscope programming (removing limitations of phone)
  • using for short links for in show interaction

hope you enjoy it!

have a great day, don't forget to take part in the project! :)





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Philip 'dm' Campbell

Decentralised Your Life

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