photoshop with cool techniques-2017

Mr Rekefr, Build your own knowledge

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11 Videos (2h 17m)
    • introduction

    • 1 Creating a string of pearls in Illustrator

    • 2.creating a 3d bump map

    • 3.A Correcting a distorted panorama Photoshop

    • 4. Correcting the brightness and banding of a printed image Photoshop

    • 5 Creating a photographic caricature Photoshop

    • 6.Creating letters chiseled stone

    • 7.Blending two exposures Photoshop

    • 8 Blending in photoshop

    • 9.Correcting a distorted panorama Photoshop

    • 10.some cool effects in photoshop


About This Class

Photoshop with cool techniques-2017

Hi there today i am welcoming you in my new class of Photoshop with some cool techniques with advance and cool effects.In this class i have mentioned all the possible tips and tricks to organize the Photoshop.

As we know Photoshop is one of the best software and image editing software too its work on the basis of raw image editing process and also works on the topic bases but its totally different than other software like adobe illustrator.


So lets enroll to this class and gets started with totally scratch.






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Mr Rekefr

Build your own knowledge

Hello, my name is Mr reke. I am a self employed Access programmer and general computer consultant to small and medium sized businesses. I got into programming because I was tired of all the jargon most programmers use and how they don't seem to care about business.

Technology is great but I've always been more interested in how it can be used to make companies more profitable." - Bruce

I live in Portland, Oregon and have many long term relationships with local businesses. Many of the systems I have built for these companies are critical to the success of the business. My specialty is taking the needs of the business and translating them into a system that facilitates, rather than obstructs, what they are trying to do.

I have also spent time as a full time trainer providing group classes on the Microsoft Office programs.

In my opinion the computer industry as a whole is a colossal failure in helping businesses solve their problems. I listen carefully to the needs expressed by my clients and then deliver the simplest, most flexible solution possible.

Over the years I have found that many of the techniques I have used enabled me to survive and thrive when many others have tried the computer programming business and failed.

My goal is to show my students how to create systems that business will value and that will create long term income.