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4 Videos (25m)
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    • Telling Stories Through Street Portraits

    • Approaching Strangers to Take Their Portraits

    • Capturing the Most Compelling Portrait


About This Class

Get out on the street and capture its energy. In this 20-minute class, photographer Zun Lee explores Harlem in New York City and shares his secrets for capturing the essence of a place and its people. His techniques for getting your best shot make this a perfect, quick class to inspire both the novice photographer and the expert to get out and shoot. Will you capture your own neighborhood? Or explore a new one? This class is certain to help you see a place with new eyesand a new lens!

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Really fascinating class, thank you for sharing your work and thought process! I loved seeing the realness of interacting with people on the street, being rejected, etc. Gives a lot of great advice.
Emiko Peterson-Yoon

Interdisciplinary artist / skeleton lover

always good to see Zun in action!
Great class. Love the persistence in trying to approach others. The ones who refused did not discourage Lee from his objective. Great class!
Brandon Espiritu

social media director @ / founder @alotco





Zun Lee

Street Photographer, Author

Zun Lee is a self-taught photographer, artist, and storyteller. He is passionate about capturing the everyday lives of people, and making connections between cultures and identities. Zun's recent project, Father Figure, along with many other docuementary and street photography projects Zun has worked on have been featured in the New York Times and Slate.