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9 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop

    • 1- How Pen Tool Works In Adobe Photoshop

    • 2 What is Refine Edge option in photoshop and How to Use it Part-1

    • 3- What is Refine Edge option in photoshop and How to Use it Part-2

    • 4 How to Extract Objects using Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop Final comp

    • 5 How to customize Shapes using Pen Tool

    • 6 how To Customize Path Using Pen Tool In Adobe Photoshop

    • 7 how To Stroke Path Using Pen Tool And Brush Tool In Adobe Photoshop

    • 8 how To Create Stunning Design Using Pen Tool And Brush Tool In Adobe Photoshop


About This Class

Master Most Powerful Tool-Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

Welcome to this class!

In this class YOU will be learning the Most Powerful Tool in Adobe Photoshop, called Pen Tool

Pen Tool is a Multi Purpose tool which can be used to achieve variety of Goals in Adobe Photoshop!

with Pen Tool You can:-

  • Create Custom Paths to work with 
  • Create Custom Shapes
  • Make Complex Selections which are otherwise impossible to achieve
  • Create unique Logos 

The only limitation of the Pen Tool is Your Creativity. 

Beside this You will also be learning the Refine Edge Tool or Option in Adobe Photoshop which is an absolute necessity in case you want to Refine your Selections to Mask out very Complex objects Like Hairs and Furs in Adobe Photoshop

So, if this sounds Interesting to You, then Go ahead and Join this Class!

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This is a very easy to follow introduction to the pen tool. Great job!





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