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7 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Assignment: Create a Surreal Work of Art

    • Shooting

    • Editing Architecture

    • Editing Still Life

    • Editing Big Sky

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Join artist Chuck Anderson as he transforms everyday photos into collaged, surreal works of art. In this 45-minute class, he works with 3 scenes (architecture, still life, and landscape) and creates unique, amazing art with just a single mobile app.

Throughout the class, Chuck shares his vision so that you understand the philosophy behind every technique. You’ll refine your eye as a designer, sensibility as a photographer, and imagination as an artist.  Whether you want more experimental images for an upcoming exhibit, album cover, show poster, wall print, or even your Instagram feed, this class is the perfect combination of vision, technique, and real creativity.

173 of 182 students recommendSee All

Great to see the work flow! Enjoyed the course a lot. Only concern is that Photoshop Touch is no longer available, would love to see this with the new apps.
Maria Klushina

Visual Storyteller

Truly great class. The best I've taken on Skillshare. Very well put together, clean, and simple. Great ideas, insights, and freaking inspiring! Chuck makes some amazingly beautiful stuff.
Mike Contos

Go. Travel. Let the world change you.

This served to introduce me to how best make my photographs become more interesting, more colourful and get more out of my phone / camera





Chuck Anderson

Artist & photographer. NoPattern Studio: Chicago

Chuck Anderson is a Chicago-based graphic artist, designer & photographer who began his studio NoPattern in 2004 at the age of 18. Through vigorous self-promotion, he began landing work for magazines such as ESPN, Complex, and Nylon. From there his portfolio & client list started expanding and to date he has lent his vivid, colorful work to collaborations with brands such as Microsoft, Burton, Target, Honda, and Spotify, among others. In 2010 at the age of 25, Chuck was named a Design Icon by Computer Arts magazine. You can see more of his work at, Instagram, and on Twitter @nopattern