Create Powerful Portraits with Hip Hop's Premier Photographer

Jonathan Mannion, Photographer

6 Videos (1h 24m)
  • Creating a Mood Board

    • Trailer

    • Welcome to the Class

  • Setting Up the Shot

    • Photoshoot with Jon Contino

    • Psychology of Shooting

  • Making Selections

    • Pre-Recorded Live Stream: Making Selections

  • Submitting Final Project

    • Pre-Recorded Live Stream: Closing Thoughts


About This Class

Portrait photography can yield some of the most compelling, descriptive, and authentic images of an individual.  I have been fortunate enough to earn a living for several years taking such photos, and I am excited to work with all of you as part of this Skillshare class. My name is Jonathan Mannion, and I’m honored to be the first to welcome you to my Skillshare class on portrait ph... Read More

Jonathan Mannion, Photographer

Photographer Jonathan Mannion, a native of Cleveland, OH, began capturing images of up-and-coming urban music superstars after working for a year with world-renowned photographer Richard Avedon. In 1996, Mannion began his professional career by shoo... Read More