Configure Your Camera for Fantastic Photos - Quick guide to the best settings for your new camera. Premium class

Paul Cooper, Professional Photographer

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24 Videos (53m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Module 1 - Camera basics - Introduction

    • How does a camera work

    • Lenses

    • Memory cards

    • ISO Sensitivity

    • Module 2 - Set and Forget - Introduction

    • File size and quality

    • Digital zoom

    • Empty slot release lock

    • Image stabilisation

    • Module 3 - Setting the Exposure - Introduction

    • The 3 factors that affect exposure

    • Exposure compensation

    • Module 4 - Taking a Photo - Introduction

    • First of all... stand correctly

    • Composition

    • Getting your subject in focus

    • Module 5 -Downloading, Storing and Editing - Introduction

    • Downloading from your camera

    • Storage Indexing and Backup

    • Image editing

    • Module 6 - The main points - A course summary

    • Module 7 - Next steps


About This Class

This course is designed for new photographers, or those who have a new camera (both compact and DSLR).

You may be overwhelmed by all the buttons and menus, so this course will quickly show you which are the most important settings, and which you can forget about.

By configuring your camera to give you the best possible quality, you'll then be able to concentrate on the more creative aspects of photography.

You'll finish this course with a clear understanding of basic photography principles, and know which settings on your camera need to be 'tweaked' to get the results you want, even when using the 'automatic' modes.

The main areas covered by this course are:

  • How does a camera work
  • ISO sensitivity
  • Lenses
  • Memory cards
  • JPEG file size and quality
  • Digital zooms
  • Image stabilisation
  • The factors that affect exposure
  • How to use exposure compensation
  • The rules of composition
  • Getting your subject in focus
  • Downloading photos to your computer
  • Storing and indexing your photos
  • Image editing

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Great knowledge of basic functions which one needs before advancing!





Paul Cooper

Professional Photographer

Since founding his own photography business in 1995 Paul has gained many awards - including the top accolades of UK Photographer of the Year from the Master Photographer's Association AND from the British Institute of Professional Photography.

Paul has served as the Commercial Sector Chairman of the MPA/BIPP's qualification team and has previously received a Presidential Award from the MPA for his services to the Photographic Industry. As a result his work is marketed worldwide and he is in regular demand as a photographic speaker and judge both in the UK and internationally.

Paul shoots commercial images for advertising and packaging, press and PR images for the newspaper and magazine industry, and lots of 'people' shots: Fashion shoots, corporate portraits, and family groups are all undertaken with the same flair and creativity that stems from Paul's passion for photography.
In 2011/2012, Paul was elected National President for the Master Photographer's Association - a title that he was honoured to receive. Currently, Paul is the MPA's Chairman of Qualifications for Associate and Fellowship submissions. He was also delighted to be asked to undertake the role of Chairman at the BIPP's 'Open' competition judging for 2013, and was presented with an Honorary Fellowship from the Master Photographer's Association in 2014.