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9 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction

    • Project: Photograph an In-Between Moment

    • Seeking Inspiration

    • Storytelling

    • Immersing Yourself

    • Gathering Equipment

    • Shooting

    • The Van

    • Closing Thoughts


About This Class

Veteran Patagonia photographer Jeff Johnson is a surfer, climber, adventurer, and all-around outdoorsman who captures extreme experiences through incredible photographs. In this 40-minute class, Jeff shares his technique for capturing key “in-between” moments: the smaller, quieter, beautiful moments that make a great adventure like climbing, surfing, or cliff-hanging into a truly human adventure. Throughout the class, Jeff also shares his best photography practices for being prepared, capturing action, and conveying passion in your images. By the end, you’ll be both inspired and empowered to get out, experience the world, and photograph it from your unique perspective.

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LOVE the stories and tips in this class. Amazing.
I enjoy the narrative told throughout this class and the demeanor Jeff has. This project gave me a big boost that the candid, in-between moments I have been capturing with friends have a space outside of my own area. I always share them, but it's nice to see that there's an appreciation for them on a commercial scale as well.
Blue Hernandez

Awake & Moving





Jeff Johnson

Photographer at Patagonia, Freelance Creative

"Johnson's creative footprint has been instrumental in shaping not just Patagonia's brand vision, but adventure culture as well." —Esquire Magazine

Jeff Johnson grew up in Danville, California, and moved to Hawaii when he turned 18. He lived on the North Shore of Oahu for fifteen years where he traveled extensively; writing and taking photographs. His stories and photographs have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Surfer’s Journal, Alpinist, Surfer magazine, Climbing magazine, and Outside magazine. The Surfer's Journal describes him as "a piece of true grit,” and someone who "doesn't back down when sketching the seamier side of the surf ghetto." 

Jeff's first book, Bend to Baja: A Biofuel-Powered Surfing and Climbing Road Trip, was published in 2006.

His second book, 180 South: Conquerors of the Useless, is a documentary film and coffee table book published in 2010.

Jeff now resides in Santa Barbara, California. He works as a creative brand agent for Patagonia Inc. and does freelance work as a consultant, photographer, and writer. He divides his time between the mountains and the ocean.