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painting relaxed ink florals

Erin Kate Archer, art & illustration

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. intro

    • 2. supplies

    • 3. roses & filling out bouquets

    • 4. composition

    • 5. bouquets

    • 6. outro


About This Class

this class is an intro to inking relaxed florals, starting with a basic rose bouquet.

pulling inspiration from the popular watercolor floral style, we’ll be creating floral rose bouquets with just one color to make beautiful high contrast florals.

we’ll learn how to overcome the lack of transparency and create dynamic flowers and greenery. i’ll provide you with step by step worksheets for creating simple roses and filler flowers & greenery, and reference floral arrangements and composition.





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Erin Kate Archer

art & illustration

erin kate archer is a watercolor illustrator living & knitting in brooklyn, ny. her work focuses on the feminine, handmade, & magical.

she's the illustrator of the children's book Finbar & Fiona and manages an array of illustration prints on etsy.

you can keep up with her at and across the internet (instagram, tumblr, facebook, twitter) @ekatearcher

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