Play By Ear # 5 - Use 7 Different Quality Tones & Compose First Line Today Premium class

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9 Videos (18m)
    • Pay Attention to Quality of 7 Tones

    • Tone 1: Peaceful Home Sound!

    • Tone 2: Unrestful Sound

    • Tone 3: Relaxing Tone

    • Tone 4: Restless Tone

    • Tone 5: Restful yet Dominant Tone

    • Tone 6: Active Moving Tone

    • Tone 7: Most Tensed Sound

    • Run with this Skill & Thank You


About This Class

Learn to Play by Ear is a FUN Skill to pick up, even if you think you are tone deaf, or you don't have musical ears.  It is exactly for this reason that I created this class for 'normal' people like us who feel that we are not born with good musical ears.

This class is for everyone on this earth!

You don't have to play any musical instrument.

You just listen to these 7 Lectures to the 7 tones in music that are found in songs!

In the project area, you are going to COMPOSE  your first line of music!  

Think you can't do it. 

You will be surprised what happened after this class.  Let's have fun together.


4 BIG Skills you will learn:

1.  Understand the General QUALITY of 7 tones

2.  Right away you will hear the differences of these 7 tones:

  • Tone 1 - Peaceful like going Home
  • Tone 2 - Unrestful and wants to go somewhere
  • Tone 3 - Relaxing Tone; Sweet
  • Tone 4 - Restless Tone and wants to move on quickly
  • Tone 5 - Restful yet it Dominants
  • Tone 6 - Active Tone wanting to move steadily on
  • Tone 7 - Tension Sound that Screams

3.  You will understand  movement of tones that will give you clues when you pick out melodies of songs

  • Tone 1 - beginning and end of songs
  • Tone 2 - end of a line; likes to move to 3 or to 1
  • Tone 3 - sweet sound; likes to go anywhere depending on the song
  • Tone 4 - beginning of lines and likes to move to 3 or 5
  • Tone 5 - It dominates everywhere - beginning, end and middle
  • Tone 6 - Active sweet tone that tends to go up to 7 or goes down to 5
  • Tone 7 - Screams at you to quickly resolve to 1

4.  You will see these tones in actions on the song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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5.  Play by Ear # 5:  7 Quality Tones & Compose Your First Line of Music

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Creating a melody line from pure imagination can be difficult. So using the melody line (and its structure) from another simple song to jump start my imagination is much easier.
By far the best section of this series - most informative.





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