Learn How to Mix Music with Young Guru Premium class

Young Guru, Grammy-Nominated, Legendary Audio Engineer

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7 Videos (53m)
    • Introduction

    • Organizing a Mix

    • Determining Levels

    • Adding Effects: EQ

    • Adding Effects: Reverb

    • Adding Effects: Compression

    • Tonal Balance


About This Class

From organizing a mix to adding effects, learn from the best. Join legendary Grammy nominee, producer, and DJ Young Guru to learn the essentials of audio engineering — so you can create the sound you want to hear in your music.

A Note from Young Guru

More than all other mediums, we seem to regard music as the most personal and vital to our existence. As its influence and importance continues to swell in the way human beings interact, connect and celebrate living together, so too increases the importance of understanding the art of audio engineering. This is precisely why I have decided to venture into education and build this class with Skillshare.

I have had the pleasure of working with the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Beyonce, and countless other brilliant artists throughout my career.  While I continue sharpen my skills even this deep into the game, I am excited to share some of the knowledge and techniques I have gained over the years with all of you.

This online Skillshare class is made up of four sections, which include exclusive videos and materials broken up into the following lessons:

  • Organizing a Mix - working with the basic components to a DIY mix, which include the Digital Audio Workstation [DAW], the tracks, and the controls, and how to optimally organize all of the audio information and tools for the task at hand
  • Determining Levels - how to arrange levels in accordance with the artist’s vision for the song
  • Adding Effects - how to work with basic effects like phasers, enhancers, reverb and delays, as well as create negative space or blend/fade where appropriate
  • Tonal Balance - how to recognize when perfect tonal balance has been achieved

I will provide a downloadable raw audio file so that everyone is mixing together and on the same page throughout the process. For the class project, however, you can use your music of your own creation.

— Young Guru



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This is a geat class, it gives you knowledge from someone who is in the industry and that is hard to find.
As a musician that has always been either a performer or studio player it is nice to here someone actually explain this. I recently began working as a solo artist and have been taking time to build a small digital home studio. I have struggled finding people to work with so ended up having to go it alone and I have had issues with the engineering aspect. Your reference to an orchestra hit home as I am orchestrally trained and it totally made sense to be why every track I attempt to bounce sounds weird. It others think it sounds great. I have been asking a lot of dj's and they took one look at my music and were lost. It is hard for a lot of unexpierenced engineers to work with actual instruments for some reason and you are right it is a lost dark art. For the first time since 2009 it is finally nice to see someone break it down realistically besides just tell you to figure out software and use midi. I look forward to more of your wisdom- thank you so much.
Very well done. Young Guru is a boss at explaining the process of mixing.





Young Guru

Grammy-Nominated, Legendary Audio Engineer


Throughout his illustrious, decorated career, Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton has resoundingly earned his reputation as one of the most renowned recording and mixing engineers in music today , having worked with artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rick Ross, Drake, T.I., Kanye West and Eminem.   Wisened after years of successful endeavors (multi-platinum albums, and multiple Grammy nods) Young Guru has recently been working tirelessly to elevate the discourse of audio engineering philosophy, science and technology, emerging onto the college lecture circuit as one of the subject’s most distinguished and dignified speakers, and further proving why he is one of audio’s most important minds and essential voices.  Traveling the country, Guru’s intellect and eloquence have been tapped by a broad variety of impressive venues, garnering him recognition from such media outlets as CNN, Fox News, Billboard and Village Voice.