From Silence to Sound: Composing Music for Film, Documentaries and Commercials Premium class

Jonathan Haidle

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18 Videos (1h 40m)
    • Welcome!

    • Class Project

    • Overview of composing for moving picture

    • Documentary: Jumper

    • Initial Work on Jumper

    • Narrative: Simba

    • Initial Work on Simba

    • Director Revisions: Jumper

    • Director Revisions: Simba

    • Alternative Revisions: Simba

    • Commercial: Deer

    • Commercial: Mannequin

    • Initial Work on Deer

    • Initial Work on Mannequin

    • Director Revisions: Deer

    • Alternative Revisions: Deer

    • Director Revisions: Mannequin

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Are you a composer that’s always been curious about scoring music for film, documentaries or commercials?   

This class takes you through the fundamental elements for scoring music to moving picture. At the end of this class, you’ll have working strategies to:

  • Outline/layout your rough draft so the music fits
  • Determine the right tempo/meter
  • Make important decisions about how to approach composing for your video
  • Successfully communicate with the director
  • Respond to a reference track

[Note: this class doesn’t cover any music theory, or audio recording topics.]

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I really like this class, especially because it is for advanced music producers/composers. However this could also be a disadvantage when you are not proficient enough in composition or music production.
Jonathan did a great job of presenting the overall composing and recording process in this video. I find that typical recording videos end up being software tutorials rather than helping contextualize the overall creative process. Jonathan presents each of the topics clearly. He's well prepared and gives great examples along the way. I look forward to putting some of these concepts to work in my own sessions.
Authentic and practical. Jonathan's skill in teaching, his experience in working with clients and producers, and his depth of talent demonstrates that he is well qualified to teach this subject. Jonathan's honest offers presentations of what goes on in the process, both success at hitting the mark and back to the drawing board scenarios. He clearly demonstrates practical insight into the nuts and bolts of composing for film and the challenges that come in composing for short commercials. Jonathan has the ability to listen and discern what clients want and also bring his own ideas to the table with a fresh perspective. Thumbs up for this class.