Comping a Dominant Blues in Any Key Free class

Scott Perry, Vintage Blues Guitarist & Guitar Guide

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4 Videos (22m)
    • Intro to Class & Your Guitar Guide

    • First Dominant 7th Grip

    • Second Dominant 7th Grip

    • Adding a VI7-II7-V7-I7 to a Dominant Blues


About This Class

An EZ Guide to a Professional Approach to Blues Comping

Class 1 - Comping a Dominant Blues in Any Key

In this short class (three 6 minute vids!), I'll show you:

  • one easy chord grip and a four-to-the-floor strumming pattern to play the essential changes of a 12 bar dominant blues in G.
  • a second grip and a swing strumming pattern to play the basic changes of a dominant blues in any key.
  • how to add a VI7-II7-V7-I7 turnaround to a dominant blues.

This class is perfect for beginners and advancing students can go further by enrolling in the follow up courses that teach other Freddie Green grips including minor 7th and major 6th.

Freddie Green was the long-time rhythm guitarist of the Count Basie Orchestra and pioneered a simple, but effective set of chord grips and strumming pattern that helped make the Basie's rhythm section the envy of every band of that era.

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Great step by step explanation
Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher

Got a chance to sit in on a jazz gig and as a player of all other styles but then this is the ideal crash course for me and the instructor is very thorough and helpful.





Scott Perry

Vintage Blues Guitarist & Guitar Guide

I'm a vintage blues guitarist and guitar guide.​

Lifelong professional musician. Currently teach 45 students each week and perform as a solo and with various duos and bands in and around my hometown of Floyd, VA.

I believe that music is a language and that, like everyone's first spoken language, it is best learned in a natural and intuitive ​manner and used to communicate emotions, tell stories and exchange ideas. Music, at its best, is a collaborative effort, not a competition and it should be cultivated in that spirit.

As a teacher I break down musical concepts and techniques down into their essential elements and provide clear, concise, step-by-step lessons that enable aspiring and advancing guitarists to understand and apply them to songs and styles they desire to master.

I teach in the lesson studio and from the bandstand. Learning to play music and sharing it makes us all happier and healthier. It also builds community and encourages curiosity and tolerance, helping make the world a better place.