Circle of 5ths # 2 - Magic Formula to Find all 12 Scales in all 12 Keys Free class

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12 Videos (18m)
    • C ScaleTones in C Key

    • G Scale Tones in G Key

    • D Scale Tones in D Key

    • A Scale Tones in A Key

    • F Scale Tones in F Key

    • B Scale Tones in B Key

    • Efficient Circle of 5ths

    • Magic Tip 1: # of Sharps & # of Flats

    • Magic Tip 2: Right Side Reveals Sharps

    • Magic Tip 3: Left Side Reveals Flats

    • Magic Tip 4: Add One More

    • Final Thoughts - Thank You!


About This Class

Many music students are having so much fun to find 12 Scales in the 12 keys in split seconds!

Did you know that you can use the Circle of 5ths to know 12 scales of all 12 Keys?

1.  You no longer need these scale charts to find out the 12 scales in all 12 keys!

To take this kind of chart with you is very clumsy!  Everything is already in the Circle of 5ths


2.  All you need is to use your DIY Circle of 5ths to identify the 12 scales in all 12 Keys!

Please make sure you have done my DIY Circle of 5ths Course.


3.  Learn Rosa's EASY Formula Trick!  Took me 20 years to discover this!

4.  Many of my students are loving this formula as using the circle, they know exactly how many sharps and how many flats there are in each 12 Keys!

5.  Everything becomes one FLASH!  NO guess work!

Circle of 5ths Series:

1.  Circle of 5ths # 1: Fun DIY Circle of 5ths Musical Tool

2.  Circle of 5ths # 2 - Magic Formula to Find all 12 Scales in all 12 Keys

3.  Circle of 5ths # 3: Harmonize Songs with 3 Basic Chords in 12 Keys

4.  Circle of 5ths # 4: Predict Chord Progressions of Songs - iii7, vi7, ii7, V7, I

5.  Circle of 5ths # 5 - Primary Dominant 7 Chords play a Key Role in our Music

6.  Circle of 5ths # 6 - Understanding Secondary Dominant Chords

7. Circle of 5ths # 7: Use Diatonic & Secondary Dominant Chords in One Flash - 7 + 5

8.  Circle of 5ths # 8: Six Songs Applications - Use Circle of 5ths to predict chord progression!

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The circle of fifths is such an amazing instrument to help musicians understand theory. Rosa has done a great job of explaining it. The idea of slashing the clock at 11:00 and 5:00 to determine the scale tones is truly astounding.
David Henry

Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?

I have done several of Rosa's courses. She never fails to deliver. Everything she teaches is ultra simple, clearly explained, slow and steady. Stick with Rosa and you'll never put a foot wrong.
very good, thank you.





Rosa Suen

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