Hiring for Startups: How to Listen, Sell, and Not Be a Dick

Jonathan Basker, VP of People, betaworks

1 Videos (36m)
  • Creating Your Hiring Plan

    • Kickoff Lecture: Hiring for Startups


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About This Class

No element of company building comes close to being as important as strong hiring. Get this wrong and your employees will be miserable, shriveled and fickle. They'll become flat people. And flat people make flat products. Get it right however and they will be happy, productive, focused and infinitely more handsome. Seriously-- A team of talented, focused individuals all flowing toge... Read More

Jonathan Basker, VP of People, betaworks

Jonathan is VP of People at NY-based startup studio betaworks, focusing on hiring and growth for the betaworks companies while also thinking through the cultural implications and effects of that growth. Most of his job involves spending time with sma... Read More