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make wooden knife for every one

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Material

    • 3. Fixing the blade

    • 4. Drawing knife sketch

    • 5. Fixing the wood on the table

    • 6. Cutting the sketch on the wood

    • 7. The first step scraping

    • 8. Cutting the sketch inside the wood

    • 9. The second step scraping

    • 10. Cuting the knife’s handle

    • 11. Scraping the knife handle

    • 12. Sanding the wooden knife

    • 13. Last step

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About This Class

how to make a wooden knife, which is most useful for cutting cakes, butter and chocolate. All the steps are done by hand and do not require any electrical devices. You don't need a background to make this wooden knife. I hope you enjoy watching this educational video and make beautiful wooden knives

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1. Intro: Hi. I am jump ship. Welcome to my tanning course. In this training course, I'm going to teach you how to make your wood and knife, which is most useful for cutting checks, water on chocolates. All the steps are done by hand. I don't have any electrical devices. You don't need a background to make this food and night. I hope you enjoy watching this training course and make beautiful food and 2. Material: the first main battery. All we need is would here we used walnut wood to make the wooden knife way. Have to cut the wood slightly larger, about the size off the knife, the dimensions. Here we use our 30 centimeter lying for centimeter wide on two centimeter teak. The next tool, way used is a mechanical Fritze, which is used to cut boot, and it's in the shape off the U blade. Using this tool is also flats for route, which is available in 12 digits packs. The next tool is the meaningful address, which is used to a smoothing and polishing wood. Sandpaper is also required in different numbers from broth too soft self. The syllable is also used for the final punishment, which you will learn how to work with. Still, Articular Table Club for sewing is also used to attaching food to the table on holding it, which is available in a variety of shapes on size. Linseed oil is the next material that used for the last step on every woodcraft. The last tool is the chisels. Were you suck or a chisel here? Main tool that used to make it with a knife is a knife shaped two with the sharp edge on the holding hands. Be careful with your fingers by using this. 3. Fixing the blade: in this section, we're going to tell your special cutting blades on a balsa desired blade is the flat, which is for route to fixing the Fritze, losing the screws at the beginning on end off the threats, Hold the blade around the head after Belaid under the screw plate and tighten this screw on one side of the froth directions off the so should be to our toe handle off the threads way . Use players or the narrow tail to tighten this way. Put the plate in place on the other. To fasten this crew, we have to fold the Fritze by hand and then tight. In this school, the blade should not be to lose or too tight. 4. Drawing knife sketch: in this section we are going to draw. They deserved a sketch after knife on the road. Drought model must be a smaller than dimensions afterward. To do these way, start drawing a knife on a piece of paper. You can get ideas from any knife on dro General sketch on, then make change to eat as you can see in the video. After drawing the overall shape off the knife, we make change to the original design to make the final design more beautiful after completing the work for you scissors or Qatar's to separate the desert desert way a stick the design on the food and use the marker around the sketch to mark the model Underwood to prepay it for the cutting system. 5. Fixing the wood on the table: we use particular table clams toe attaching the boot on the world table for this. For Bruce, we connect this smooth upper Sioux faces off the column to the end off the route on, fascinate to the table on three. Pave the front part of the boot for cutting. 6. Cutting the sketch on the wood: to cut the sketch on the route. Use a Fritze that we had previously tied flat blade to the sub. Behold, the frets are in hand that you can see in the video on start sewing, eat, prevent ical are to this true face after fruit way duties. Slowly and with the least amount of pressure, we try not to get inside the line. Just cut from the outside off the line. After cutting the front part off the boot way, opened the clam on, cut the end part off the food slowly and carefully after cutting we already for the next step. 7. The first step scraping: in this section, we are going to use the wood rasp to a smooth on a smoothie cost surface. For this purpose, we put their ass on the surveys a smoothly and the smooth foods your face by pushing the rest back and forth. As you can see in the video, we do all the scrapping steps carefully and slowly to create it smooth and even surface. The center off the knife should be symmetrical. After finishing the inner surface off the knife, we must mark the inner part off the knife to cut the bill eight off the wooden knife and approached the main volume off the knife. We do not consider the thickness off the inner part to be tweeting so that it does not break while cut. As you can see in the video, - we also marked the handle off the knife symmetrically so that it is ready for the next step. 8. Cutting the sketch inside the wood: in this section. We're going to cut the inner part off the route, tied a boot to the table and start cutting along the model marked lined with afraid. Za video the all cutting steps slowly and carefully so that we have a good and uniform cut. 9. The second step scraping: after cutting the boot blade, it is time to scrap the most important part off the wood and knife. For this purpose, As in the previous steps, we scrap more carefully because this part off the wood is thine and there is a possibility after would breaking. - Not that one side off the wagon knife blade should be more sharp. Bends Coptic, such as a metal life. Do all the scrapping of steps, as you see in the video on, Do not rush the top it off. The wooden knife should be wider than the bottom. Image carefully around the tip off the knife with the rest. - After scrapping the knife blade, scrap all the age off mood in life to have a softer surface and be ready for sandy. 10. Cuting the knife’s handle: in this section, we are going to shape your wouldn't knives handle using a knife hope for this purpose. We carefully start carving from the age off the route. As you can see in the video, we push the chisel forward with our finger on gently cut the vote during carving. If apart off the food is difficult to remove. We changed the direction off the chisel, so that is allowing the wood rains and can be easily removed fully symmetrically and carefully around the knife handle. As you see in the video for carving, we must be in the direction off. The road wins so that the carving operation can be done easily. Be careful with your fingers while working because the chisel are very sharp. - All the steps make sure that the handle off the knife is symmetrical. - Be around the end off the knife handle in the same way and carry it to prepare it for scrapping 11. Scraping the knife handle: in this section as in the previous sections. As you can see in the video, we use a rasp, a smooth the surface off the boot to prepare it for the next step, which is standing. We do all the steps carefully so that the knife handle is completely symmetrical and does not lose its shape. 12. Sanding the wooden knife: in the section referred sand the wall knife bitter off sandpaper. And then we use a softer sandpaper for sending the food surface. We first use sandpaper, number 100 or 220 then sounded the entire Sioux face off the knife used numbers 360 or number 400 sandpaper and then number 600. After sending operation, we used soft a still rule for the last system off standing toe, have a smooth and UT for surface. 13. Last step: to make the good craft surface more beautiful and waterproof. That wouldn't knife. We use linseed oil for this purpose. We take the dust on the knife and deep the food and knife in oil with our finger or brush. Linseed oil is not harmful to their skin. You can also use the brush or gloves after dipping the full life with a tissue to remove the excess oil. The handmade with a knife is ready. I hope you enjoy watching the training course and make beautiful lives.