make the web work for you, with ifttt

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction to ifttt

    • 2. 1.1 - what can ifttt do for you?

    • 3. 1.2 - five niche areas of ifttt

    • 4. 1.3 - but what would i want to get notified?

    • 5. 1.4 - cooking up my own recipe!

    • 6. 1.5 - do the project!

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup on ifttt

    • 8. 1.7 - share, retweet, get premium!

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3 of 4 students recommend this class
Kibibi Jett

Uncovering How to HACK Your Way To Rapid Success!

WOW. I was familiar with ITTT and Zapier but had been looking at them WAY TOO narrow. I had no idea I could do all these other things with ITTT. I always saw it as more of a tool for automating task like when an email comes in do this and when you post to this platform do that. Highly recommend your course. It's almost as if I can automate my entire life with this tool. Thanks for Sharing!!!