make Stones with Sculpting Techniques in Blender 3D

Bagus Wahyudi, S. Kom., Animator 3D, Web Development & Online Teacher

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    • make Stones with Sculpting Techniques in Blender 3D


About This Class

In this tutorial we will describe sculpting techniques ranging from the preparation and change into a new object and add material texturing, lighting and rendering, Hope of Our tutorial useful for us all. Ameen

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I'm just a beginner at Blender, having learnt the basics just yesterday. As a test of my newly acquired skills I thought doing a course in a language I don't know would test my new skills. How did I go.?.. better than I thought. Even though this course was spoken in a language that I don't understand, the visual instructions were easy enough to follow, and I was abe to create a rock. :-) For anyone keen on assessing their skills i highly recommend this method I found out that I am not clear on rendering ;-(. Thnks, Sorin.
Good Tutorial
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Bagus Wahyudi, S. Kom.

Animator 3D, Web Development & Online Teacher

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