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About This Class

lorem ipsum 


1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Mark Federer. I am a certified Microsoft trainer With 13 years of experience on, I'd like to welcome you to this course. C sharp performance tricks. How to radically optimize your coat. In this course, I will teach you how to speed up your C sharp coat by up to 1000% by identifying on eliminating many performance bottlenecks. Did you already enroll in a beginner or intermediate C sharp programming course? Well, here's sobering facts. Most courses only teach you how to write code and not how to rise. First code. The dot net framework is huge. For any given problem, there are many possible solutions on it is not always clear which one to choose to give you the best performance. I will help you make those choices in a series off bite sized lectures. I will cover all of these issues one by one, measure the performance off each possible solution. You'll see that some choices have terrible performance on other seemingly obvious performance. Optimization actually, don't do much at all. Do you want to take your skills to the next level? Are you working on a critical section of code, or Are you preparing for a job interview, then this is the course for you. I designed this course for beginner or intermediates, programmers who want to write highly optimized coat but struggle with the freedom that the Net framework provides and worry about the pros and cons off the choices they make. Thank you for watching. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the course.